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  1. Dear home owner, After doing my research online for some time, I noticed that the description is about the same. Things that they provided about the same. Those post online - 4299(all in kitchen package) / 3988(all in package) die die want to close me on the spot. Keep doing hard sales makes me walk away more. Until one day, I walked pass this ID firm at Ubi. The lady designer showed me this package and email me after I left. When I walk in, the drinks was served. I felt like I had returned home. I asked for any package and was presented this, by far this is the cheapest with everything I needed. I dont like the base in concrete, I dont need to do washing at kitchen. i do not cook at all. All i need is a sleek look for my kitchen. When I asked if I could install 15ft bottom / 5ft top to make it 20ft. They are able to provide and at a lower cost They rest die die need 10/10 I am happy with the service face to face. exp - Good! She understand her work very well. Explained the schedule & material used. CS- Superb, very friendly & nice. will definitely recommend to family / friends.
  2. Recently, I was looking for a mover company to assist me in moving. They were very punctual that day and were very helpful. Also, they charged at a reasonable price and their services are superb, will definitely recommend this group of experienced mover!. These are their informations, feel free to contact them! Home relocation By TMS movers Enquiry: ***97101153***... Email: Trustedmovingservices@gmail.com
  3. Having benefited hugely from the information gleaned from this forum, I thought I will return the favour to the place which has enabled me to save a tiny bundle when purchasing sanitary ware for my new place. Like many here, I am a big fan of the high quality Hansgrohe and Duravit products from Germany and has been scouring the Net for the cheapest and most reliable source of these products. My independent research and confirmed by good experience reported in this and other forums pointed me towards www.xtwostore.com (formerly known as iceprice). Over a few weeks in March 2016, I pored over their site and picked and chose all the stuff that I want. Knowing that this is going to be a big purchase and a heavy load, I was already mentally prepared to max out the entire order at 500kg to come under the, then, Euro 499.9 shipping charges. To my cart, I added enough stuff to kit out 4 bathrooms including 4 Duravit toilet bowls with soft close covers, specially indented the “wondergliss” version!, sinks, faucets, bathtub (THE hansgrohe massaud!)f, holders, hoses, towel racks, clothes racks, paper holders, kitchen faucets, rain showers, hand held showers, and a whole bunch of small accessories like angle valves, toilet brushes and replacement heads etc. Of course, being the kiasu Singaporean, I have obtained 3 independent quotes from suppliers recommended by by the building team as well as independently sourced by myself. Naturally, each was asked to fulfil the same item list from the shopping cart already in xtwostore which they did with varying level of success. As most items are identical between Germany and Singapore, it is simple enough for them to quote for it although on a few items, replacements were suggested. Do note that items with wondergliss are special indent. Yes, I tabulated everything. Will take some of these items for comparison. Note: I xe.com EUR to SGD then x 125% (which is my calculated FOREX loss+GST+shipping and other stuff listed in the last paragraph to give a REAL world figure for comparison). The price from local sources in SGD are BEFORE GST and a ?20-30% 'discount' because of the size of the order. Starck 3 rimless with wondergliss + soft close: SGD $1,348 to $1,380 vs €300 (S$ 556) Me by starck rimless / wondergliss / soft close: S$ 1,424 to S$1,459 vs €400 (S$ 760) Geberit sigma 50 flush plate:: S$239 to S$ 461 (depends on color) vs €103-135 (max S$257) Axor Citterio kitchen mixer semi pro: S$1062 to S$1,226 vs €324 (S$ 620) Massaud bathtub: S$ 15,228 to $17,700 vs €15,445(S$10,351) Hansgrohe Logis toilet roll holder: S$88 to S$97 vs €35 (S$ 66) Druavit puravida sink 700 S$ 1076 to 1411 vs €289 (S$550) You can appreciate there are significant savings to be gained compared to what I can get from local sources, on the order of at least 25% to more than 60% off. I reckoned that SG sources may also give discount but I know that the local price I was given was also discounted from usual store price. I have also been to showrooms at all their sales and find the savings lack lustre compared to what I can already get. An exception could be the occasional hansgrohe warehouse sale where you can pick up really good deals. It took about a month for all the items to be consolidated and packed. Shipping takes about another month. So the order placed in March was delivered in June. Once the good arrived on the Singapore side, I faced some minor hiccups because of my inexperience. Because the goods were delivered to the port, I have to engage someone to clear it and transport it to site. The invoice in the end listed things like: GST 1.4K, NOA Paid on behalf 0.5k, unstuffing and handling: 1K, clearance including (GST permit, documentation, warehouse and tally, customs handling and tally: 0.6K. All in 3.5K SGD Other notable things: Only 1 out of the many items purchased was delivered wrongly: a toilet bowl of the same style but different size which was then air freighted to me at their own cost. They didn’t ask for the wrong toilet bowl back. The person whom I communicated with at xtwostore happens to be a Singaporean (Darrell Yeo) who works in Germany! Thanks to him, I was kept advised of the shipping of the goods and he was most responsive to correcting the small error mentioned above. These items are being installed as I speak. I will post further on the installation and pictures. In the end, I probably paid half the price of what local sources would have charged at the price of a bit of elbow grease, time and anxiety on my side. I do note the substantial and unfortunate increase in shipping costs which will surely influence buying decisions. You decide if it is worth it in your case. EDIT: I have received a few mail on the question of local forwarding from the wharf side to house. This was my experience: I didn't exactly shop around for more competitive option as there was a bit of urgency because the goods apparently incur wharf side storage charges on a per-day basis. However, the local forwarder managed to deliver without incidence and also settled my GST payment as well.. I just don't know if I could have done it more cheaply. You may contact Bernard or Farhana at J&B Logistics Pte Ltd 809 French rd #06-154 Kitchener complex S(200809) jnblog@singnet.com.sg 6295 1191 I will also suggest that you begin your purchase at xtwostore by first contacting their manager (Darell Yeo) who happens to be a Singaporean: d.yeo@xtwostore.com. Good luck. As I have noted, their price for shipping appears to have gone up but the good thing is that there are more intermediate tiers so that you don't incur maximum cost which used to be levied on anything beyond 30 to 300kg.
  4. Personally not a fan of the furniture e-retailers in Singapore like 42, hipvan etc cos cannot try and their 100 day return/exchange policy is just a pretext for selling you second hand items others have sat on before...however, I came across this website with prices much cheaper than other e-retailers but with better quality! The sofa cushioning was much better than expected even though I was apprehensive of not being able to sit on it beforehand .. www.chairsactually.com
  5. To all hdb owners, JMJ Home Solutions slidearm promo price of $40 is now available to all owners without any required quantity hurry now and pm me for appointment slots. This promotion will end on 11.11.2020. Once promo ended we will revert the price to $50 single $40 group promo. Benefits of slidearm. - prevent slamming of door - replace the use of the traditional door stopper - reduce the chances of kids getting hurt - open door at full angle or certain angle Interested parties may contact me via WhatsApp for more details and appointment booking. Message us at 82024671. Thank you
  6. Looking for an affordable Mattress During this Circuit Breaker? Now we can deliver the My Choice Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress to You ! My Choice Hybrid Pocket spring Queen $188 (150*190*20) Super Single $170 (107*190*20) Add $15 Delivery Fee Call me for more details and we have ready stocks HP:87839309 Mike For more mattress do visit My President Mattress Facebook Page Website: https://mypresidentmattress.com/ When you purchase, you will receive 1. $50 Discount on Digital Lock 2. $100 Discount on HDB Main Door 3. $50 Discount on HDB Bedroom Door 4. $100 Discount on My President Mattress 5. $50 Discount Bi-Fold Toilet Door 6. $50 Discount on HDB Gate 7. $50 Discount for EPIC Gate Digital Lock #mypresidentmattress #hotelmattress #mydigitallock #linang #celebrity #mattress #bed #pocketspring #bedframe #storagebedframe #hotelmattress #pillow #mattressSingapore #mattressSale #mattresssalesingapore #mattressprotector #mattresspad #mattresspromotion #queensize #kingsize #mattresspocketspring #latexmattress #naturallatexmattress #cheapmattress #orthopedicmattress #circuitbreaker #cbmattress #delivermattress
  7. ?Looking for an affordable Mattress During this Circuit Breaker?? Now we can deliver the My Choice Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress to You !?? My Choice Hybrid Pocket spring Soft?? Queen $188 (150*190*20) Super Single $170 (107*190*20) Add $15 Delivery Fee? Call me for more details and we have ready stocks ☎️ HP:87839309 Mike For more mattress do visit My President Mattress Facebook Page Website: https://mypresidentmattress.com/ When you purchase, you will receive??????❗️ 1. $50 Discount on Digital Lock 2. $100 Discount on HDB Main Door 3. $50 Discount on HDB Bedroom Door 4. $100 Discount on My President Mattress 5. $50 Discount Bi-Fold Toilet Door 6. $50 Discount on HDB Gate 7. $50 Discount for EPIC Gate Digital Lock
  8. Hi Everyone, I bought a 4-Room Resale flat near Serangoon Nex. The entire renovation journey has been very tiring as there are a lot of planning to be done, running around like a mad dog looking for ideas, stuffs to buy , etc. In addition, I am quite of a perfectionist which most IDs and Contractors will probably run away upon hearing my requests and complaints. =P Hence, that is the reason why I will like to recommend my contractor as not only had he been very patient but the chemistry to work together is there. To top it off, they provide quality workmanship and very good quotes. (I ran around and did some comparisons with other ID Firms which I decided to end up with a contractor instead.) Details as follows: Contractor In-Charge of My Project: Nicholas Company: HFH Design & Build (There are already alot of good review about this renovation company if you search around.) Lighting: If you want to look for unique lighting and designer fans, you can probably pay a visit down to L-Win Gallery located at Balestier. The boss name is Richard and he will provide you some good ideas on how to brighten up your house. As you can see from the pictures below, my LED light comes with 3 different kinds of shade which can be changed via flicking of normal switch. His shop has some good pieces and range to choose from. Details as follows: Picture of my flat after renovation. Hope you all like my post~!
  9. Does window cleaning robot really Help? Yes, the answer is quite confirmed We offer a Special Promotional Price now at only $299, which You can find in Robinsons at $1000+. We purchase directly from factory and that’s why we can offer such low price Simply pass any smooth surface to the robot and back to your online games or Korean drama! Available stocks in Singapore and ship within 24hours. Cash on delivery is available, please call 83680666 You may also find our product from Lazada. Click the below link to buy from lazada. http://www.lazada.sg/glasswindow-cleaning-robot-20498813.html?ff=1 Thanks for reading
  10. Lucky Khoon, A&S Lighting is a humble bathroom, kitchen and lighting company opened by a small group of friends who are plumbers and electricians. We believe that with our decades of expertise, we can excel in providing better products that are durable, easy to maintain and, most of all, value for money for our customers. After six years, we have expanded into 2 showrooms : Enterprise One @ Kaki Bukit, and Tradehub @ Boon Lay. Lucky Khoon currently operates a small fleet of plumbing and electrical contractors, dedicated to providing you quality service. Visit our showrooms at 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #01-01/02/03/04 Enterprise One Singapore 415934 Locate us 24 Boon Lay Way #01-72, Tradehub 21 Singapore 609969 Locate us Websites luckykhoon.com.sg aslightingsg.com Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/luckykhoonbathroom https://www.facebook.com/aslightingpteltd/ With your support, we will continue to offer great products at great prices.
  11. Hi All, I am moving house and no longer require most of my furniture. I have the following items in good condition looking for a new owner. Letting it go pretty cheap as I 'm in a rush. Leather Sofa(2 and 3 Seater) - $200 Coffee table , Metal wood with tempered glass top ( Big and small) - $80 - $150 King size bed frame with Mattress (Used for 5 / 10 years) - $380 Queen size bed fram with Matrress ( Used for 2 years) - $$100 Dinning table with 6 chairs (Solid wood) - $250 Fridge ( 2 Door and 1 drawer - 300 L) - $130 Wardrobe ( Wooden , 2 door, 2 drawer , small) - $90 Whatsapp : 91938376 Self collect at Yishun St 11, 146. Cheers! Adrian.V
  12. Hi all, I was fond of looking for interior designs and renovation then came across in this website. Started reading some renovation recommendations and I just want to also share my renovation experience with this ID and they have their own contractor as well. I just want to help those who are looking for ID / contractors to transform their house into a home. My friend recommended them and scheduled for an appointment to discuss our reno. They were very open to our suggestions of what kind of design concept we want and they were also great at suggesting alternative concept to make the designs improve more but with a cheaper budget. They were very good at explaining the details and how they update the schedule of the reno. They were very accommodating and all the small issues were settled. Overall, my house turned to be a relaxing and cozy home! Below are the photos of my house. I’m happy to share their contact with you.
  13. HI home owners, This is a long overdue shout out to Mr Ee, who did my home recently in balestier. Like everyone, i went through what was recommended in this forum. Shortlisted 3, but went with Mr Ee instead. He is the second cheapest among all, with 20 years of experience, and very experience in doing high end retail space. Had a good vibe about him la. Super nice uncle. When i was telling him what i want through mood board etc. he gets it. Guys he is not interior designer, so to convey what you want, it will be easier to show him reference or magazine clipping. He knows the trend in home reno now la. i wanted industrial style, mix with a bit of neon, playfulness in it. He is practical, and very easy going. He is not kekao, calculative. I have live i my new home for 1/2 a year, so far everything is good, except the outdoor blind, which was install by his 3rd party installer. He is not internet savvy, and dont do any marketing. thats why abit low profile. Also I am not related to his business in any way, i think this is my first post in renotalk. PM me if you guys are interested. Thanks
  14. Original price at $1499 but we bought in bulk at a much lower price to share among relatives, friends and neighbours, they took up 7 of it and I kept 2 piece for my side. Now left 1 last piece. Need to move in soon, and we didnt want the stock lying around in our living room, need to clear stock! :))) Willing to let go at really really low price now for FAST DEAL self collection*** PM me for Fast deal self collection at Special price *** You may arrange ur own carrier/delivery service to collect it. We already using one now, this is extra stock. Please help to share with any relatives or friends looking for a dining table, this is a must have for singapore houses. Expandable Marble dining table - Space saving innovation - 100% Brand New in crate - 100% Stainless Steel body and leg - Golden yellow beige marble with extended walnut wood panel, Neat combination! - Can easily be retract and extend according to preference/requirement. - Enjoy the luxury of having a marble dining table yet stressing about it being too bulky? - Strong and durable mechanism, able to withstand heavy duty weight - Not having enough space at HDB dining area? - Not having enough space for many guests? - Not having enough space for steamboat time? - Self collection preferred (or buyer may arrange for your own carrier/delivery service to collect the item.) Dimension(cm) : L140 B85 H75 After extension - L180 B85 H75 HAVE MANY MORE OTHER STUFF TO LET GO. All Brand new in bag unless otherwise stated. - wall toilet brushes stainless steel look (no drilling required korea brand, guaranteed wont fall, justify the price) will take picture if u interested, comes with 1 extra brush head. $16 each buy 2 at $30 (left 2) - faucet accessories for effective water saving, extremely good! can interchange 2 spraying type just by twisting the head; multi stream 55% water saving, mist spray 80% water saving. Can use on any normal faucet. we have 4 extra. keep track for update, i will take picture. Please follow this post as I will keep adding the items when I slowly moving in and spot anymore extra purchase... I have habit of buying more if the stuff is good. Teehee.
  15. Now that finally my house is fully renovated, I can share my reno experience with many newlywed couples out there. To begin with, my house in Punggol is really small and doesnt seem to tally with the price i paid! Lighting Shopping Like many folks, I went to Balestier Rd and Jalan Sultan to shop for my lightings, and o yes, even JB. JB has slightly cheaper lighting but limited designs. There is a whole array of lighting, ranging from traditional no-design lights to designer lightings in Balestier and JS. But I would say the prices there are really steep. Thankfully, my designer friend recommended me a local online shop selling very beautiful lights. But the only bad thing is that I dont get to see the physical product myself. However, I was assured by my designer friend that the online shop sells exactly the same products as some of the shops along Balestier and the quality is not bad. The prices they offered are really much cheaper than the shops in Balestier, about 50-300 bucks less for same lighting! But, the online shop does not have many choices on ceiling lights. In the end, I got 2 lightings from the online shop and 3 ceiling lights from the shop in JS. Service. The shop in JS is big. But I feel it lacks of quality service. The shop salesperson refused to test the lights for me on the spot but told me that I could bring in to change if the lighting cannot work. On the day of installation, my contractor found that one of the ballasts was not working. Luckily, my kind contractor changed the ballast for me FOC, otherwise, I have to carry it back to get it repaired and carry back again! On the other hand, the online shop person assured me the day prior to delivery that all my lightings are working via pictures on whatapps. The quality of the products is good and I am thankful that I didnt get chopped by the bloodsuckers in Balestier! ID Firms Many ID firms are expensive especially those that advertise a lot. Personally, I find that the interior design of a home has to be thoroughly discussed with the contractor/designer. I heard some generalise the scope of work and demand for more money after work. So please be kiasu and be more specific with the scope. I am fortunate to have my close friend as a designer and we have many discussions together. Through her, I was able to get cheaper renovation works as compared to other ID firms (apparently she has her own contractors!). She knows exactly what I want and I am very satisfied with the job. All the best, home owners!
  16. Hi guys, due to really low budget, we are doing only the kitchen cabinet for our BTO. However most of the contractors came back with $100/ft quote but the end quote cost abt $3500 (inl solid top, cement base, soft closing etc). Any recommendations of gd and cheap price contractor? My budget is maximum $2.6-$2.8k for top/bottom decent material including solid table top 11ft for a 1-sided kitchen cabinet. Tks.
  17. Hey all, I finally decided on an ID for my new DBSS at Centrale at Tampines in last month. It was so tiring seeing one after another but I learnt a lot from my experiences and decided to choose this ID as she was earnest, knowledgeable and willing to take on my demands. Most importantly, very responsive. Also, their price was not the cheapest but the most reasonable and recommended me things that are not the most expensive but most suited to my case. I won't recommend them till my works are completed just to make sure. Will update as works progress. Description Master Bedroom 1 Design & Fabricate 6ft (w) x 8.5ft (h) feature wall with ABS trimming and laminated finish $1,275 2 Design & Fabricate 1.5ft (w) of full-height cabinet, addition of 2sqft of glass, on feature wall ABS trimming and laminated finish $395 3 Design & Fabricate 3ft (w) of sliding cabinet wardrobe, 4ft (w) of casement wardrobe, with ABS trimming and laminated finish $1,670 4 Dismantling & disposal of existing cabinet $200 5 Design & Fabricate 4ft (w) shelving with ABS trimming and laminated finish FOC Bedroom 2 6 Design and fabricate 3ft (w) sliding full wardrobe with storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $750 7 Design and fabricate 4ft (w) full-height full wardrobe with storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $920 8 Design and fabricate 2000mm (l) x 4ft (w) bed frame with ABS trimming and laminated finish, with addition of single pull-out bed $1,780 Bedroom 3 9 Design and fabricate 4ft (w) x 8ft (h) feature wall with ABS trimming and laminated finish $850 10 Design & Fabricate 1.5ft (w) of full-height cabinet, addition of 2sqft of glass, on feature wall ABS trimming and laminated finish $395 11 Design and fabricate 3ft (w) sliding full wardrobe with storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $750 12 Design and fabricate 4ft (w) full-height full wardrobe with storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $920 13 Design and fabricate 4ft (w) shelving with ABS trimming and laminated finish $200 Living Room 14 Design and fabricate 23ft (w) full-height storage feature wall with ABS trimming and laminated finish, addition of 2ft (w) pull-out table with allowance for mechanism $6,380 15 Design and fabricate 1.5ft (w) settee with ABS trimming and laminated finish $210 16 Addition of 80 sqft of tempered glass to feature wall $1,600 17 Design and fabricate 4ft (w) full-height cabinet with ABS trimming and laminated finish, with allowance for mechanism for pull-out shoe cabinet $1,220 18 Design and fabricate 7ft (w) sliding low-height cabinet with storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $1,260 19 Design and fabricate 5ft (w) x 8ft (h) box up using gypsum board with ABS trimming and laminated finish $200 20 Design and fabricate 5ft (w) x 8ft (h) plywood backing with ABS trimming and laminated finish $720 Backyard 21 Design and fabricate 2 ft (w) full-height storage with ABS trimming and laminated finish $460 Kitchen 22 Design and fabricate 2 ft (w) top-hung cabinet with ABS trimming and laminated finish $280 23 Supply labour and material to install 16 sqft of crystal glass as kitchen backing $480 24 Design and fabricate 6ft (w) sliding glass door with aluminium track $1,860 False ceiling & L-box **** Room 25 Supply labour and material to install 32ft of L-box and 178.5 sqft false ceiling $577 26 Supply labour and material to install curtain pelmet at 3 bedrooms $140 Discount ($1,683) Total: $23,810
  18. Hi all, would like to recommend a contractor which recently renovated my 4 room flat at Punggol. We went around sourcing for a good contractor at North area until we chance upon this at Hougang Ave 1.. Boss was patient and totally understand our concept of what we want and what we need. I would say his price is reasonable and he make sure everything was done neatly with no loose ends. Best thing is the company is Non GST registered which help me to save total of $1000++++... Heard they been incorporated for almost 30 years? He is a very easy going person and accomodating to my needs as far as he could for our house renovation.. can pm for his contact if u want to get a quotation frm him..
  19. Preloved price @ $388 Moving House Clearance Sale Please arrange your own mover and transport. Good condition. Can accommodate up to 8 adults after extension. Pick up @ Punggol Bought @ $700
  20. Preloved Price: $550 Bought @ $800. Model:WTA74200SG 7kg Vented Dryer Bought Less than a year. Moving house so selling off cheap. With Warranty. Pls arrange your own mover. Pick up at Punggol. Very efficient in drying clothes. Size (H x W x D) : 84 cm x 60 cm x 63cm Come with free stack up kit if required.
  21. Hi, I have been sorting for good firms for the past 4 months and have come across many firms quoting from 27K - 33k.Mine is a new 4 ROOM BTO. Yesterday received a quote for 18K from this company named Thisisinterior Pte Ltd .Have anyone come across with this firm?Do share your experience. website of firm - http://www.thisisinterior.com Point of contact - Alosious Ong
  22. Hi, I have been sorting for good firms for the past 4 months and have come across many firms quoting from 27K - 33k.Mine is a new 4 ROOM BTO. Yesterday received a quote for 18K from this company named Thisisinterior Pte Ltd .Have anyone come across with this firm?Do share your experience. website of firm - http://www.thisisinterior.com Point of contact - Alosious Ong
  23. Sell due to move house, 2 years old only..SMS or whatsapp: 9816 4527 General Features 550L, 3 NEA Ticks Inverter Control Dual Fan Cooling Touch Screen Controller Eco-Thermo Sensor Nano Titanium Filter Moldproof Door Gasket No Frost CFC Free HFC Free Dimensions: 855(W) x 1,835(H) x 740(D) mm
  24. Solid wood coffee table with glass top. Two drawers. Excellent condition, under utilized. Heavy. Dimension: 120cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 40cm (H). Buyer arrange for pick-up/delivery at Punggol Field. Selling at $180. Contact nine one two seven three two five zero.
  25. WTS (Preloved) 5 PIECE DINING SET (40x) Model: LENORA Features Simple and elegant, the pedestal of our LENORA round counter table so it shows no seams or joints to spoil the look. Tinted, tempered glass top area comfortably seats four with our Royston high back chairs. Suitable for both Café business and home use. Material: Black Tempered Glass Plain Frame Structure: Powder Coated Frame Dimensions: D100xH75cm Colour: Black Original Price: $599 each Selling Price: $150 each (Negotiable) Available Quantity: 40 It was once in a high-end gaming café. However, due to major revamp and renovation they decided to change the furniture as it does not suit the colour theme. Used only for 3-4 months. Single or multiple purchases are welcome. Interested parties please contact Mr Tan at 83685336.