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Found 4 results

  1. Seem like these 3 chinese news article are link to the same ID company located at Toa Payoh. Anyone deal with this company before need your advise.. It is kinda of scary there are so many ID company located at Toa Payoh central....
  2. Just want to warn nice folks here not to use this mover which my friend engaged a month ago. The company is Premier Transport and Mover Services at 22 Sin Ming. The sales guy and supervisor name is Alex **82799482**. This Alex charged them $880 to move their stuff from a Holland 3 rm flat to Jurong East but did not complete the job. The movers were supposed to come another day to move the rest of the stuff and help setup his teak wardrobe, wooden bed but did not keep to their promise. Have also damaged some of their stuff. Have been siaming my friend's call for more than 3 weeks. Called the company, the secretary said boss always overseas, can only call Alex to settle. They ding dong him here and there but did not solve his problem. Poor guy now don't have a bed to sleep. The worst thing is he run out of budget and have 2 young children to look after. My friend and his wife are very nice and kind couple. Probably too nice thus bully by these ppl. This Alex is really very heartless and evil, I hope nobody will use them. FYI, this company charges by hr. On the surface looks cheap but I think the workers take their own sweet time to do the job. Thats how they con ppl money like what they did to my friend. Be careful of such unscrupulous company. Anyway some of our friends and I came out with some money to help him out. Hope the mover we use from the recommendations in this forum will be better.
  3. Hi all, I recently want to renovate my BTO premium flat , this is the first time I get quotation from ID , may I know this quote consider expensive or reasonable? Sorry for bad grammar. Free Servies For Items 1-7 1 Interior Design and space planning layout 2 Perspective Drawing 3 Consultation slection of home furnishing 4 Decoration advice 5 Jobsite co-ordination and supervision 6 Apply for HDB renovation permit 7 Floor protection for masonry work done 8 Mansonry works 8 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles skirting for kitchen cabinet Per ft $20 9 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles finish for washing machine $120 10 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles finish for fridge $120 11 Construct shower kerb at both bathroom c/wt iles finish $130 Plumbing works 12 Extend stainless steel expose pipe for kitchen (Cold only) $630 13 Install inlet/outlet drainage pipe for kitchen sink and washing machine F.O.C 14 Provide labour to install 2 nos. of instant heater/1 nos of storage heater $160 15 Provide labour to install 2 nos. of accessories for 2 toilets $200 Ceiling works 16 Design , supply and install fiber plaster light box for living/dining Per SQFT $5.50 17 Supply and install false ceiling at foyer & bedroom entrance Per SQFT $5.50 Painting works 18 Nippon (V5000) paint for all internal wall & ceiling 4+1 colour $1200 19 Nippon paint for all doors frame, pipeline and household shelter door and frame F.O.C Carpentry works 20 Living- Suspended design TV console in laminate finish (6ft) $780 21 Foyer - Design low height shoe cabinet in laminate finish (5ftX3ft) $780 22 Foyer - Design settee in laminate finish (2ft) $200 23 Master bedroom - Design casement wardrobe in laminate finish (6ft X 8.5ft ht) $1400 24 Master Bathroom - Design vanity cabinet in laminate finish (5ft) $600 25 Kitchen - Design and install 20 ft kitchen cabinet c/w 10 ft Quartz kitchen worktop $4800 GLass and windows works 26 Supply & install aluminum sliding windows grills for whole house windows $980 27 Supply & install aluminum sliding windows @ Service Yard $650.00 28 Supply & install 10mm tempered sliding glass door @ Kitchen entrance (c/w partition extention) $800.00 29 Supply & install pray paint glass backing @ Kitchen (10ft) $480.00 30 Supply & install 10mm tempered wall to wall casement shower screen @ Master Bathroom $450.00 Remark: 1.All carpentry work c/w solid plywood and internal colour pvc 2.Soft closing system will provide to all cabinet 3.All carpentry work having 2 years warranty 4.All cabinet can choose over 100 type of laminate 5.Kitchen cabinet and Ceiling works need to calculate the area but the calculating way is provided
  4. I saw many home makers buying furniture/stuff from taobao, just want to share my bad experiences, for your awareness. 1. I started buying things from taobao this year. In the past, I used an agent like 65d**g**. Switched due to trying to save cost. I started with only small value purchases to test the system and to minimize loss. Bad countered 1 My first bad encounter is when I purchase the following battery tester. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.2.9.31.Iz6k0u&id=14100066084&_u=71vq1h347384 My warehouse oops did not receive the goods, but seller reported as "delivered". Unfortunately, due to too many items, I did not track this timely, and the payment was released to the seller. When I contacted the seller, there is no service from him, and he declined to make any checking nor clarification with their local courier. This is a S$4 lesson. More cases to share.... Bad countered 2 http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5.w4002-6193391067.15.KeWHNw&id=37931771877 After a few smooth purchases, I thought the taobao seller listed "Reviews" can be trusted. I am so wrong. DON"T TRUST THOSE LISTED REVIEWS TOTALLY. Many are staged. On 11.11.14, I purchased a bed from this seller. Pattern No. 1When I placed the order the system shows delivery and assembling are inclusive. However, subsequently, the seller (海伦)told me that I had to arrange for self-collection from a distribution warehouse (??) I argued that their system indicated delivery is inclusive. She changed the story but said that they will only sent to the ground floor, and I had to arrange to bring it into the house myself (??). Lucky my forwarder, Oops, is on the ground floor. Pattern No. 2 A few days later, I checked with the seller, and was told the goods was delivered. But when I checked with my forwarder, they didn't receive. I contacted the seller to clarify, and she told me to call their delivery company myself to check, and refused to assist. After another argument, she finally sent a photo of the signed Delivery Order to me. When I email to my forwarder, they confirmed that 1) there is no company stamp 2) the signature does not belows to any of their staff. I contacted the seller again- and she insisted that the goods was signed off. I checked the system info, and confirmed that they delivered to a different company called East Asia. Pattern No. 3 TRUE COLOR is out, now the seller kept insisted that the goods was delivered, even I tried to explain to her she had sent to the wrong place. My forwarder warned me to quickly request for refund, before the system times out and auto make payment to the seller. In the end, I raised a refund request, and she rejected. I escalated to involve Taobao, which indicated that they will resolve this in 4 - 6 days. It's almost 2 weeks, my refund still yet to happen...... Pattern No. 3 Just yesterday (6/12), the seller message me and asked me to return the goods... Vomit blood; i tried to make her understand that the goods is not with me, that's why I requested for refund.The seller just kept repeat the same message that the D.O. was signed, etc, etc...like a broken record. She even asked me to call up the other forwarder who they sent the goods to , and ask them to return her the goods(?). I told her that I had no business with this forwarder (East Asia), and don't have the right to do so.