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  1. Lesson 2 update (19 Dec) I decided to start a counter to track how long will taobao takes to solve my case... Start : 26 Nov 14 reported. Counter : 23 Days since case reported to Taobao and remains open. Let's see how well their system works.... Updates : After I posted a remarks on taobao SEA facebook, a taobao staff called me on 16 Dec....after asked me a few questions, the case remains OPEN.
  2. Lesson 2 update (14 Dec) I decided to start a counter to track how long will taobao takes to solve my case... Start : 26 Nov 14 reported. As of : 14 Dec 14 Counter : 18 Days since case reported to Taobao and remains open. Let's see how well their system works.....
  3. Lesson 2 update I checked my system record, I escalated to Taobao since 26 Nov....Their standard response is they will make decision in 4 - 6 days. It's 10 Dec, still no judgement.
  4. Sorry to hear about all these bad encounters - my experience is don't trust those scoring and reviews too much. Alot are staged - they paid someone to 'buy' and then write good reviews. In fact, I ever bought an item from a shop with low scoring, and only 2 average reviews - but they are very customer oriented, and follow through all the transaction...... Perhaps, we should start a Good / Bad listing on taobao shops on renotalk, based on actual transaction experienced? To help the community up. Rather then ti kang ti kang and buy on "fake" ratings... Bad encounter No. 3 http://trade.taobao.com/trade/detail/trade_snap.htm?spm=a1z09.3.0.0.X9fkrH&trade_id=847973374146824 http://shunny88.taobao.com/view_shop.htm?shop_id=100101686 Ordered 10 pieces of these as Xmas token, the seller : 1) Failed to ship out within 24 hours. And remained offline 24 X 7, hence uncontactable. I sent a request for refund, and the seller cancel my request, and change the status to 'shipped' 2) The goods never arrived, but seller marked in system as 'delivered'. I escalated to Taobao to ask for refund. After 5 working days, the seller LL refund the money. The only good news is now the price dropped further down.
  5. Hi, You should quickly open a alipay account, and transfer those points over - they are same as cash.
  6. I saw many home makers buying furniture/stuff from taobao, just want to share my bad experiences, for your awareness. 1. I started buying things from taobao this year. In the past, I used an agent like 65d**g**. Switched due to trying to save cost. I started with only small value purchases to test the system and to minimize loss. Bad countered 1 My first bad encounter is when I purchase the following battery tester. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.2.9.31.Iz6k0u&id=14100066084&_u=71vq1h347384 My warehouse oops did not receive the goods, but seller reported as "delivered". Unfortunately, due to too many items, I did not track this timely, and the payment was released to the seller. When I contacted the seller, there is no service from him, and he declined to make any checking nor clarification with their local courier. This is a S$4 lesson. More cases to share.... Bad countered 2 http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5.w4002-6193391067.15.KeWHNw&id=37931771877 After a few smooth purchases, I thought the taobao seller listed "Reviews" can be trusted. I am so wrong. DON"T TRUST THOSE LISTED REVIEWS TOTALLY. Many are staged. On 11.11.14, I purchased a bed from this seller. Pattern No. 1When I placed the order the system shows delivery and assembling are inclusive. However, subsequently, the seller (海伦)told me that I had to arrange for self-collection from a distribution warehouse (??) I argued that their system indicated delivery is inclusive. She changed the story but said that they will only sent to the ground floor, and I had to arrange to bring it into the house myself (??). Lucky my forwarder, Oops, is on the ground floor. Pattern No. 2 A few days later, I checked with the seller, and was told the goods was delivered. But when I checked with my forwarder, they didn't receive. I contacted the seller to clarify, and she told me to call their delivery company myself to check, and refused to assist. After another argument, she finally sent a photo of the signed Delivery Order to me. When I email to my forwarder, they confirmed that 1) there is no company stamp 2) the signature does not belows to any of their staff. I contacted the seller again- and she insisted that the goods was signed off. I checked the system info, and confirmed that they delivered to a different company called East Asia. Pattern No. 3 TRUE COLOR is out, now the seller kept insisted that the goods was delivered, even I tried to explain to her she had sent to the wrong place. My forwarder warned me to quickly request for refund, before the system times out and auto make payment to the seller. In the end, I raised a refund request, and she rejected. I escalated to involve Taobao, which indicated that they will resolve this in 4 - 6 days. It's almost 2 weeks, my refund still yet to happen...... Pattern No. 3 Just yesterday (6/12), the seller message me and asked me to return the goods... Vomit blood; i tried to make her understand that the goods is not with me, that's why I requested for refund.The seller just kept repeat the same message that the D.O. was signed, etc, etc...like a broken record. She even asked me to call up the other forwarder who they sent the goods to , and ask them to return her the goods(?). I told her that I had no business with this forwarder (East Asia), and don't have the right to do so.