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Found 15 results

  1. Greetings from Mugen Design, We provides services such as: -Interior Design -3D Visualizing -2D space planning -Renovation Our professional design team to ensure our services on time and with good quality. If there is anything you want to cooperate or interested with us, Feel free to contact us for further information 👍 Contact via: https://wa.me/message/MY2CVWY4PFUJD1 Check us via: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mugendesignjb Portfolio: https://www.rtist.com.my/MugenDesign
  2. WA DEXIGN PTE LTD We create and build memorable and inspiring interior for residential, show suites and offices. As an interior design company, we able to produce consistent work quality to meet our client's requirements. Let us partner with you to achieve your objectives. We offers you a complete and comprehensive range of service, along with a team of professional advisers that work closely with you to develop a plan to suit your needs. Contact us now for a Non-obligatory consultation. For more design works, do visit our website for our portfolio. http://www.wadexign.com Contact Person: Winnie Bak (Hui Yi) Mobile no.: +65 9061 0433 Email: wadexign@gmail.com
  3. To maximise the space under our bed, we are looking at getting a bedframe with drawers. However, I do not like those standard bedframes which you can find in a furniture shop. We are looking for a bedframe which looks like a platform bed and with some storage below. Does anyone has any contacts to custom made a bedframe with storage/drawers at an afforadable price? Hope that you can share it with me. Thanks!
  4. Hello! I am looking into renovating my new home and have shortlisted the following 3 ID firms: 1. Fuse Concept 2. Space Sense 3. Story of Us Has anyone engaged them before or somewhat worked with them? All reviews are welcome. Thanks guys! Cheers!
  5. Hello everyone! Now that we've finally gotten our keys to our love nest, I've decided to start blogging about our reno journey! Wasn't too sure how helpful this will be but seeing how much insight & tips I got from the various renotalkers now happily settled in their homes, I've decided to give it a go If nothing else, it'll be a journal of sorts for us on this eventful adventure ============================================================================= {The One With The Space Planning Conundrum} Once we got our pdf floorplan from the HDB officer in late 2013, we started researching on #pinterest (helpful tags are #hdb #hdbrenovation), #renotalk, #homeanddecor, #squarerooms and #lookboxliving for ideas on using small space efficiently & creatively. At the time of selecting our flat, we weren't sure about the space needs of our home (Eg. 1kid or 2kids? Is MIL staying with us?) and the 4room seemed like a better fit over the 5room. Since we have gotten used to the vastness of my parents' EA, we know some hacking will be needed to open up the communal area for entertaining guests. To better visualize the amount of space we have, we decided to do a comparison using the images sourced on #homedecor & #squareroom: OPTION 1: Hack 50% of L-Wall in Kitchen, Hack 50% of Study Wall (To replace hacked portions with Glass) (all images taken off home&decor & renotalk) Pros (both): Increase in overall visual space, Cool air from aircon won't leak out, Maintains a clean look. Glass is quite affordable. Cons (both): Not really sound proof. No real improvement for interaction as we are still separated by glass (so weird to talk through glass). Dead-space behind the area blocked by opened glass door (which will be open most of the time I imagine) Somehow it felt safer to stick with what the majority went for and see if it fits us. Husband eventually put his foot down that he don't want to have to shout from his study to me in the living room. Ok so no glass. Even when I showed him these images. ESPECIALLY the ones with a black frame. OPTION 2: Hack 100% of L-Wall in Kitchen, Hack 100% of Study Wall Pros (for kitchen): Increase in dining area, Possibility for bar counter (which I've always wanted OMG! ), Fridge can now be in dining space for guests to help themselves while I'm cooking (I'm ok with glass sliding doors separating the wet kitchen from the hall) Cons (for kitchen): Loss of counter & storage space (which the bar counter can make up for so not really a con yay ) Pros (for study): Increase in hall area for interaction while still being in study area. Cons (for study): OMG WE GOT SO STUCK HERE!! Day after day, our conversation will revolve around this #holeinthewall conundrum. We know that we'll need that study to function as a bedroom eventually. So the design has to incorporate both our present and future needs. And that hole is HUGE. About 7feet wide. Husband is adamant about being able to talk to guests & watch movies from the TV WHILE seated from his table in the study. I'm adamant abt preserving the option for privacy with curtains or blinds (which will need glass right?!) Multifold doors look nice but when they are folded open, the combined thickness is such an eyesore and eats into the sofa space. Casement windows are also out as someone will knock their heads on the open window frames (duh). Sliding doors look the sleekest of the lot but they trap dust on the lower track and are difficult to clean. And half of the view will always be blocked. Oh Mai Gawd... I even roped in my brother into the discussion/debate since he's also collecting his keys within this year. The longer we got stuck at this #holeinthewall, the more unsure we were about approaching contractors for quotes. We can't even come to a conclusion, how're we supposed to tell the contractor what we want done??? I was not even keen to meet with any contractors at this point. We so so needed help By this time, my bro had met up with quite a few IDs/contractors for quotes and following his recommendation, we decided to meet up with one of them. We presented our problem to him and asked if he had any solutions before. Imagine our faces when he suggested "curtains"...... #winliaolor #myhouseisnotatheatreleh I think he panicked a little seeing our reaction haha! Then his kakia suggested building a halfwall using partition board, with a flap that can be swung open & downwards, airplane-tray-table style. So if we need to install glass in the future, we can just open the flap, slot in a glass panel, then close and seal the flap. But this idea sounds so... flimsy :/ Not fun to consider how glass might fall onto our heads while watching TV. That's when we decided to go for a second opinion... (To be continued)
  6. From the album: Weiken