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  1. Hi guys, i would like to share my good experience and complement a contractor, project management skill in building our dream home! what set them apart from other firms is that he is able to to accommodate to our schedule and gave us detailed planning to save space also his willingness to listen and provide valuable advice on design aesthetics and functionality, giving us a truly unique home. After consulting several firms, they are able to deliver what other contractors could not. During renovation stage, he pays a lot of attention to details and is able to execute flawlessly on what we had planned, He is very helpful and supportive during our renovation journey and ensure the quality and build is done to the utmost standards. All in all, although what we seek is a contractor but the service he gave was like of a id. I really like his ideas and proposed 3D designs and amendments were always made promptly according to my preferences. I also appreciate that he always try to work around my budget while still achieving what I wanted in the end. It's been nearly 2 months after hand over and there was only 1 rectification so far and was promptly. i'll attach some photo here for viewing, feel free to dm me if you want to see more.