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  1. Hi Yelena, Thanks for the compliments! Hahaha.. U know what.. We have initially due to budget decided to just buy 1 tv for the living room.. But we went M e g a Discount Store to look around and on the spot, we bought a 55 inch LG tv for the living room and another 40 inch Samsung tv for the MBR.. Ermmm... Its really not a good idea to have a tv in the MBR and totally agree with you on the sleeping habits coz I am now sleeping very late every night after having the tv in the MBR...
  2. Thks MissySummer for the kind compliments. After moving in, I am really liking the tiles at the common toilet! Hee...
  3. Okok.. Guess I have MIA for quite a long while... Hee.. Havent got the time to update my blog.. Was busy with the usual stuff like studies, work, pet dog's health issues and nephews. Alot have happened during this period of time and........... You know what? We have actually moved into our new place just last Saturday!! After 2 months of renovations... So many things to update! I still want to complete my blog so I'll try to post the progress of our renovations here whenever I can.. So since my last update of the stuff that we have bought, here's some photos of the progress that I didnt post earlier.. Kitchen with the cabinets and the black metro tiles done up. Can see that the walls are cement screed. Hood is installed as well. MBR with the cabinets (except for the sliding doors) and platform installed MBR toilet with the vanity top and shower screen installed Common toilet with the wc and basin installed
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    MBR bathroom

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    Common bathroom

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    Common bathroom

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    Idea taken fr Ikea for service balcony.

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    Study room

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  10. Hihi, I'm loving the design of your house! Am thinking if you want to consider laying the tiles for your shower area to full height for easier maintenance? Coz when you bathe, water will splash onto the wall. Wondering if the painted portion of the wall may get mouldy over time?
  11. Oopss... Didnt know that I cant just write the shop name directly.. lol.. Its B A T H Z O N E...
  12. Oso... We went to buy our sanitary items last week from *spam located in Geylang. This shop is recommended by our contractor. What I understand is that they are a distributer for sanitary items so they claim to offer competitive prices. But we didn't really compare with others to find out if this is true. Anyway, we bought our hob and hood from them too. They are from a local brand known as Hobz (didnt hear before on this brand)... Lol.. But the good thing is that they offer lifetime warranty for the glass of the glass hob. So we got the black tempered glass hob and a black clear glass chimney hood which I really like.. The package price for the hob and hood is $848 but the sales lady offer us them to us at $805 and we negotiate the price further to $790... Hob Hood We also got a 30L storage heater of a brand known as Beebest (again.. Didnt know of this brand too). Had asked the sales gal for Jovan storage heater which they have as well but the lady ask us to take Beebest instead as it can preserve the heat of the water better than Jovan due to some insulation material of the tank. In addition, it has 10 years warranty for its heating coil and 5 years warranty for the inner tank so we got the Beebest heater instead. BeeBest Storage Heater (Photo grabbed from their website) Other than these 3 items we also got the following: 1. Rainshower set for MBR 2. Shower set for Common Toilet 3. 1-pc WC for both toilets 4. Undermount sink for MBR 5. Wall hung sink for Common toilet 6. Glass shelves for both toilets 7. Bidet sprays for both toilets 8. Taps and stopper for both toilets 9. Towel rack for both toilets 10. Connecting parts for the sinks, shower set and WC. So our total bill comes up to slightly more than $5k plus GST.. After further negotiation, we got all these for $4850. And if any of you are going to get your items from *spam, can look for Renee. She offers friendly service and I am quite pleased with her after-sales service.. I actually had call her again a few days after I bought my items to check with her on the promotion that we got to know. We had gone to their website to see and saw that they have promotion for the 1-pc WC + sink + tap + stopper package at $298. Thou the terms and conditions stated that they have only 30 sets for this promo and that it is a cash and carry package but I decided to try my luck to see if I can have further savings. Hee... Renee explained to me nicely that what I saw online are past promotions and that it is only limited to 30 sets but since I have asked, she will check with the company to see if they can offer me the same package again. However, the items I have chosen are not those listed in the package so she asked if I want to stick with the same items that I have chosen or to get the package. I told her that I wanted to stick to what I chose. She say she will check it out and let me know. So after awhile, she called me again.. And told me that she had re-calculated the cost after taking into consideration of the package price and that I have a further saving of $186... Hehehehe.. Good rite? The only downside is that they can't refund this amount to me and so I got to go down to choose some more items to make up for the $186. But I personally feel that Renee can don't need to entertain me since we have already made full payment for all the items and that she can just brush me off by saying that this is past promotion so its no longer valid now. So I really appreciate her effort to find out for me on the promotion and also to see if I can get a discount for the items that we have bought. Ok... now we got to think on what else to buy from there... Hmmm...
  13. Halo guys! Its Thursday today! Just bear with it a little bit more to weekends... Can I just complain a little here? I'm feeling so soooooo tired! My school term has started and its back to juggling with work, studies and now renovations.. Argghhh... Exhausted almost everyday after coming home from work or worst still, after night class. Somemore have to meet assignments deadlines... Anyway, I'm always a very last minute person.... lol.. Which means I always like to do my assignments during the very last minute before the submission date. And so.. For the past weekends, I have been either relaxing at home or went shopping with my husband.. But now thinking of the coming weekend.. Dunno if I should be happy or sad coz its the last weekend before the assignment is due.. Hahahaha.. Enough of my complaints.. Just want to share what we have bought so far.. Hee... Washing Machine We had wanted to buy a front load and had initially locked on the brand Beko (only in Courts) then we swayed towards LG as heard from colleague that it is very water efficient and very quiet but after going back to Courts & spoke to the sales promoter, we decided on Beko again. However, Beko only offers warranty for the motor for 5 years for the motor. We got the 8kg one & the price is $899 with a freebie of a $60 or $70 cold storage voucher.. But I managed to secure some special discount and got the fridge for $799 without the voucher.. Kekeke.. Fridge Due to space constraints, our contractor told us that we only have space of less than 700mm for our fridge. So we have to foresake the idea of a bigger fridge. In the end we got this.... A Panasonic 2-Dr fridge with bottom freezer. We are used to top freezer so this is the first time that we are getting a bottom freezer. Think will need some time to get used to it. The price of this I think is either $768 or $786 (Cant really remember now).. Managed to also get further discount of $100 off for this fridge.. Hee... We haven't buy a TV yet.. Wanted to get 1 for the living room and 1 for the MBR but thinking of the expenses.. we may just get 1 for the living room only. Most probably will get a Samsung or a LG. Currently still going around to see see look look..
  14. Hey Songz & mummychua Thanks for the kind advice. I agree that floor laminate is easier to replace than laminate but after discussing with our contractor, she told me of the cost difference in using floor laminate. So.... In the end, decided to still go with the normal laminate coz I know my husband sure will shoot down the idea to use floor laminate if he knows that he got to top up for it..