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  1. Evorich Flooring My Evorich HERV flooring (Amsterdam Eggshell) was installed last week. Was a little unhappy with them because they said they had to charge me $250 for moving my existing furniture (consisting of a few pieces that previous owner left behind + new stuff bought from Taobao). I remember I mentioned that there will be a few pieces of furniture lying around when I asked for a quote, and they never told me that there was going to be an additional cost. Since their workmen was already at the site when they highlighted this issue to me, we had no choice but to pay the additional amount. To their credit, the salesperson was quick to make amends, giving us a 50% discount due to it being a miscommunication. I like the colour of the floor but I wish we didn't need to do skirting. Our ID said it was necessary as otherwise there will be a gap between the edge of the flooring and the wall after the overlaying. We could choose between wood or laminate for the skirting material. We ended up choosing laminate as 1. wood costs twice as much and 2. wood only had a choice of three colours - white, black and dark walnut. For laminate, we were told that the colour will be the same as the HERV flooring. After they have done the skirting though, I found that there was a marked difference between the skirting and flooring material.... Overall, I'm still pretty happy with the flooring so I guess I just need to close one eye and let the minor things go. Pictures of my flooring/skirting:
  2. Yeah I know right! Yet these were under the $3/sqft limit included in our renovation package.
  3. Tiling and Piping for Bathrooms done! 1. Master bathroom before piping 2. Master bathroom with piping 3. Common bathroom before piping 4. Common bathroom with piping (storage heater will be installed in the Common bathroom)
  4. Hi d3n, I was reading this blog review: http://renovation-greencoal.blogspot.sg/2011/03/review-fujioh-hood-fx-900.html The blog owner actually gave it a very good review but I surmised that it would be a pain to clean from the description. Aside from once a month cleaning of the filter panel and oil collector, once a quarter it is recommended to take the whole thing apart and clean the inner mechanisms thoroughly. No doubt it has superior suction that's suitable for Asian style cooking but for lazy + light cooker like me, I would prefer a hood that does the job adequately and requires the bare minimum amount of cleaning. I was told by the salesperson at Hoe Kee that the Tecno hood I bought only requires washing of the filter panel once a month. The filter panels are easily removable, and comes in three small pieces that can fit in my sink easily.
  5. Yeah, I don't understand the need for the kitchen walls to be tiled so this is a good solution. The existing tiles on the other side will be covered by the new cabinets + backsplash so we save on hacking costs too. The colours are Nippon!
  6. Choosing of Paint Colours Chose the colour of my walls over the weekend. As usual, I changed my mind several times before I felt comfortable with my decision. Kudos to my ever patient ID! The main colour theme is light grey, white and pastel colours. However, there were a lot of different shades within those colours, and I spent a couple of hours on the Nippon Paint website + internet looking for recommendations. 1. Living room and dining Read on more than one blog that Sail White (1199) is a lovely creamy white that's perfect for Scandinavian style, so I chose that for the living and dining area. 2. Master Bedroom ID recommended Enchanted State for the feature wall, and Gray Drops for the other three walls. The colours are so serene, I feel sleepy looking at them already! 3. Common Rooms Initially the ID recommended Smoky, but I thought the colour looked a bit "cold" and did not feel cosy enough. Ended up choosing Special Touch after seeing the picture below: It is a very light grey that is bordering on lilac. Looks so soothing right? 4. Study Room Since the other rooms are either grey or white already, I gave hubby a choice of blue or green for his study room. He chose Blue Wish: Renovation is progressing very quickly, with updates from the ID every day. Hacking has finished, and over the weekend they have started plastering the walls and tiling the kitchen/bathrooms. As we are working on a tight budget, our ID suggested that we plaster over the existing Kitchen wall tiles instead of replacing them in order to save costs. The wall will then be painted over with Epoxy paint. Looking forward to the finished work!
  7. Hi jaiyerika, the master toilet tiles were from Taugres at Defu lane. The wall tiles were $2.80, the feature wall and floor tiles were around $3 I think. It's quite a small shop though, not a lot of selection so unless you really want that particular tile, I would suggest going to some of the larger shops mentioned in the forum.
  8. Kitchen Equipment (some from Taobao) Sharing some of the purchases for our kitchen: 1. Tecno hood + hob + built in oven package Hood: TH969TC Slim Hood Hob: T333TG Gas Hob with Safety Valve in Sparkling Black Built in Oven: TBO 7006 Got this as a bundle for $1,389 at Hoe Kee Jalan Besar. Was initially considering Bosch but that bundle costs at least $500+ more. Thought about getting the oft-talked about Fujioh hood too but it seems like a pain to clean. According to some reviews I've read, Tecno's quality is okay for the price. It is also a Singapore brand so why not support a local product? Went in to Hoe Kee on a quiet week day afternoon so the service staff was attentive. For light cooking (we plan to cook 3 -4 times a week at most), the staff recommended the slim hood. There were several colours available for the hob, including a pretty Sparkling White. Was very tempted to go for that colour but decided that Sparkling Black would be a better match for the other equipment. You can't see it from the picture, but it has beautiful reflective specks embedded in the tempered glass. Plus, it offered a lifetime warranty on the glass surface! 2. Hitachi R-V630PMSX Top Freezer fridge Bought this off Qoo10 at $989 after $120 event coupon and $100 shop coupon. Huge capacity, has Inverter, dual fan cooling and seems quite energy efficient at a rating of 376kWh. 3. "纳米" Sink from Taobao: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5-c.w4002-9890041913.27.jCSiFU&id=538636235084 Comes as a set with all the above, at 1028 RMB. I HATE washing the dishes and cleaning up the sink in general. Just the thought of picking up the food debris from the bottom, scrubbing the greasy film off the side and handling the bacteria filled kitchen sponge fills me with dread. I had considered getting a Blanco Silgranit sink because of the aesthetics, but abandoned that thought after reading that it was a pain to maintain. I started looking on Taobao for 304 Stainless steel sinks first, when I chanced upon this.....supposedly, the sink is coated in a new material called "纳米", which makes it scratch resistant, oil resistant and bacteria resistant! Water droplets are supposed to glide right off like dew off a lily pad. Couldn't find any information on this "纳米" material in English so I don't know how true this claim is. Will have to test it out when it arrives! 4. Xiaomi Smart Rice cooker from Taobao: https://world.tmall.com/item/539959603519.htm?id=539959603519&spm=a312a.7700838.0.0.jt6Oh5&_u=gkvrlrn6140 Purchased at 399 rmb. This is one of my hubby's purchases. He loves all things tech so couldn't resist getting a "Smart" rice cooker. You're supposed to download an app onto your phone and you can cook rice using the app?! 5. Xiaomi Smart Kettle from Taobao: https://world.tmall.com/item/533747335887.htm?id=533747335887&spm=a312a.7700838.0.0.jt6Oh5&_u=gkvrlrne450 Purchased at 199 rmb. This is another one of my hubby's purchases. Can boil water and control the keep warm temperature using an app. -_-; 6. Multi-Purpose Cooker from Taobao: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=41626401720&spm=a312a.7700838.0.0.jt6Oh5&_u=gkvrlrnd96d&skuId=84243164893 Purchased at 489 rmb. This will allow me to put in the ingredients the night before, and wake up to freshly made congee/soup/stew/steam food in the morning! You can also set a timer as to when you want it to cook. For someone who cannot reach home in time to cook in the evening, I can just prepare the ingredients in the morning, set it to cook in the afternoon and come home to a piping hot meal. It comes with 1 big and three smaller individual pots, so you can cook rice, soup and other dishes at the same time! Looking forward to trying it out. I'm so motivated to cook when I have a new toy. 7. Detachable bin and towel rack from Taobao: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=520189099088&spm=a312a.7700838.0.0.jt6Oh5&_u=gkvrlrn0f25 Purchased at 22.90 rmb. One of my hubby's purchases. This will come in handy! Other items I want but have not purchased yet: Blum - like kitchen organisers: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=39851971998&toSite=main Blum is really expensive so I found these online that looks just as good! The last one is actually a rice dispenser that hides inside the cabinet. Just need to wait for the ID to get back to me on which dimension to get....
  9. Yes, restricted to the basic colours only. I saw the new Venas Blanco colour on the LH website but didn't ask the cost because we were on a budget. Looks very elegant and classy though!
  10. She quoted me $100 for single profile (meaning only a single layer of quartz), and $120 for double profile (meaning twice the thickness of single profile). I went with single profile as she said that it will be strong enough for the kitchen counter. Single profile for Lian Hin quartz is 20mm, while for iQuartz it is 15mm.
  11. Wow thanks ehwee, so much easier to make a decision this way! I think the first grey works better