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  1. Feel sorry for you.. is there any more payment for them ? Maybe can try hold them until they finish the job?
  2. yourliverisBLACK3310

    My Butterfly Cave

    Grats on your new home ! Very nice blog you have done up, same as your house that beautiful!
  3. yourliverisBLACK3310

    Dream Parkedge (hougang)

    I think so.. I see them using hand craft to get this effect .
  4. yourliverisBLACK3310

    Dream Parkedge (hougang)

    Thanks for the compliment!
  5. Personally I feel that is too early... 1 year max still sounds okie... but 4 years
  6. yourliverisBLACK3310

    Dream Parkedge (hougang)

    Thanks for the compliment !
  7. yourliverisBLACK3310

    Dream Parkedge (hougang)

    Welcome! Thanks for the compliment
  8. yourliverisBLACK3310

    Dream Parkedge (hougang)

    That is actually a table top from kombacplus or something like that.. Welcome!
  9. yourliverisBLACK3310

    Dream Parkedge (hougang)

    Thanks @Starrain.
  10. yourliverisBLACK3310

    The Local INN.terior

    Reply to naturelustre: Check out my blog Please see the attachment between me and my ID conversation. (I dont think you are right to say that I'm one of them when Im just telling you my point of view and my 2 cents thought. You are really getting agitated and accussing me)
  11. yourliverisBLACK3310

    The Local INN.terior

    Reply to naturelustre: haha why so agitated ? Come to my house for house-warming so i can intro to you if I'm one of them. No point to argue with you because you are living in a cave. This coming Saturday at Blk 473D Upper Serangoon. I will pm you the unit number if you are interested:) I will invite all my friends over here and we wait for you to come and see if we are one of them must come le... we all want to see you....Naturelustre
  12. yourliverisBLACK3310

    Dream Parkedge (hougang)

    Guys finally the photo is ready! Is in Low rest so please enjoy the photo of my new house and thank you !
  13. yourliverisBLACK3310

    Dream Parkedge (hougang)

    Thanks Linyong! Tomorrow my id will be shooting my place so once is ready i will post it here. will pm you thanks.
  14. Hi Bunny, So sad for your encounter. But i think in future dont go fr budget contractor. My experience tell me that the cheapest is not always the good one. They dont really have the standard and no heart to run the site coordination as they dont earn much but they just want to sign contract with home owner. I heard from few ID before which i think is quite true.....