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  1. Can we change the location of the drainage pipe from sink, the position of toliet bowl, the floor trap strainer & floor waste strainer in our HDB toliet? If my toliet has only one floor trap, am I allowed to add additional floor trap/waste strainer? Any constraints on the size of strainer allowed?
  2. I live in the highest floor. I do not know how many floor traps in hdb toliets. I just had my resale flat fully renovated. I faced problem with my renovation contractor. My common toliet & master toliet only hava one floor trap cover at dry area & one floor waste cover at shower area. I complained the floor waste strain is too small & sealed. I asked them to rectify by replacing it with a wider floor waste strain that can be opened just like the floor trap cover at dry area. He said it cannot be done & restricted by HDB ruling of 5mm cement (i dunno what) requirement. And also said my toliet only have one floor trap pipe & the only solution was that floor waste at my shower area as my shower area as a shower screen & separated from dry area. He said if i want, he remove that floor waste at shower area & let water flow down through the floor trap at dry area. He also said some newer flats have two floor traps & mine older one has only one floor trap. anyond hv any advice on my situation?
  3. Hi,

    my house is now renovating & now pending for lights & fan installation.

    can you pm me the pricelist for ceiling fan with lights (below 60"), downlight (square), & T5 lights? Any physical shop location to visit?


  4. Hi,

    Can share your renovation contractor's contact no & company name? Do u still have a list of sky high price contractor?

    Thank you,


  5. Can share your renovation contractor's contact no & company name? Thank you!