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  1. PM you all, thank you for reading my blog. Will update more info when I'm back in Singapore.
  2. Hi there,

    My contract number is 8699 3219, Mr Yong.

    Cheers! :)

  3. @rxgn Yes, also from TB, about sgd 100. Link here I chosen double ceramic cooker. You can choose either double induction, 1 each or both ceramic. You can even BBQ on the ceramic cooker.... hahaha Will post more pictures this weekend
  4. @simplydelish Yes, it's more effective. Because the "suction" area is closer to the cooking zone, and the suction is really strong. This is important because most kitchen are small, having a powerful efficient hood means less clean up later. I got it from TaoBao, about sgd$200. Link here
  5. Thank you @aicila and @seal33 Yeah, sure, PM you. I will post more updates this weekend. After moving in for about 3 months now, can review some of products that i bought.
  6. Hi, I ask contractor to help me buy, plus install for me. The track doesn't cost much. Its the custom made curtain that's expensive in SG. But both my MBR and common bedroom, I use roller blind, and I get them locally. Because in general, quality of roller blind from TaoBao not that good.
  7. In the beginning, we were looking at options like z-wave, zigbee, or even raspberry pi ways to do some home automation. In the end, we chose logitech because it's most "out of the box", we don't have to do too much techie stuff to get it work. But we may add other controller if we feel the need. Controlling air-con is something we might be doing soon, but not for the comfort that once you step into the house but for haze. The air-con that we chose is Panasonic with nanoe-G for air purifying purpose. So we can do is this. 1) In harmony, creates a trigger to switch on living room air-con 2) Using IFTTT (If This Than That) recipe, like this one to monitor SG weather website and turn on air-con when there is Haze near where we stay plus if time is near our knock-off time. -> This way, air-con will start working and purifying air when we are on the way back home. For lighting control, initially we have this idea of getting this receiver for TaoBao and making each light bulbs in the house smarter. This way, we can control lightings with a "recipe" as well. But in the end, we didn't implement this, as we thinks our home is really small. If we got a 5room or EM, then it may be worthwhile doing. However, we do have more gadgets that we are currently installing for the house that really makes life easier, like in the toilet, in the laundry yard, and common bedroom. (to be updated... )
  8. 1 of the ideas we explore was subway tiles, which is very popular in scandinavian theme home in the forum. But later, we think that there are many joints for the tiles, and the gout or silicone in between will be hard to maintain in the long run. Because you know... kitchen can be quite oily and messy... Both me and hubby come to a conclusion.... easy to maintain and practice comes first in priority... so yes, this kitchen top is easy to maintain. There are also some other research done before marking this decision... will share later on our "findings".... hehe Hasn't really tested on the surround sound yet, but it should be. Or that's at least what we planned it to be... haha.... Will do the setup after all reno are done, and then do a review....
  9. And on the other side, my hood is up as well. The contractor also patched and paste tiles on this side of the wall. Was originally window, but we think it is very hard to maintain, hard to clean up, and not too much use, so we decided to also paste the kitchen tiles with the spare tiles given by HDB to have uniform look on both side of the kitchen. Remaining works will be to seal up the sides of the hood, and seal up the countertop joint with silicone. Chosen a 45degree hood, to maximize oil and smell suction at the cooking area. To provide more details later.
  10. Tips Be kiasu when comes to silicone sealing. There are many types of sealing silicone in the market, remember to request your ID or contractor to use silicone sealer that are Water-Resistant Once Fully Cured Mould & Mildew-Resistant For Use on Baths, Showers, Basins & Sanitaryware Waterproof & Water-Repellent 150°C Heat-Resistant White Premium Quality Acetoxy Curing Sanitary Silicone For use on Baths, Showers, Basins & Sanitaryware Adheres to Most Non-Porous Surfaces Example... this type It doesn't cost much but save lots of hassle in future.
  11. Close up picture of the joint. There is only 1 joint at each side of the kitchen counter top. Overall, the tiles chosen able to match with the default kitchen tiles. Also, i used the countertop material as the kitchen backsplash.
  12. Updates Kitchen cabinet are up. The washing sink side, the tiles counter top are up, and sealed with silicon. Remaining work: To use stainless steel counter trim to cover the side.
  13. - Need to see your living room size, if not big enough, expect large number of wastage due to cutting of the tiles. - 90cm long is more suitable for outdoor. When used in-door, higher chance you may knock onto the uneven-ness of the floor, even if it is lay 100% flat now, as house expand in the day and contract at night, might wrap alittle at the side. For 90cm, when it wrap alittle bit, can be easily feel because its quite long. But if used outdoor, as you're wearing shoes, no problem. One of our initial choice is also 15 x 90, but in the end, we drop the idea.