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  1. Hi, I'm currently living in a condo. My neighbour is considering selling his unit and I'm thinking of purchasing my neighbour's unit and renovating the two units into a single large unit. I want to do a complete makeover and renovation of the two units and the most important is to be able to hack down the partition wall separating the two units. If not, I will not proceed with the purchase. Hence, before I proceed to close the deal, I want to know if it's possible to knock down the partition wall between our two units . I have got some plans and details (structural plans and wall details) and need advice to understand if the partition wall can be hacked, or how much of the partition wall can be hacked. From what I understand, the partiton wall is a prefab RC wall. I'd be grateful if someone can help advise whether I can knock down the partition wall (or how much of the wall I can knock down). Thanks for your help! Cheers, crmum