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  1. Smart Touch Lighting Switch - Numerous faulty within 4 years, most blue led light status gone but still usage and some replaced with other brand. Dining table chairs bottom plywood coating peel off but still usable.
  2. Hi, I am back to update the quality of some taobao items. PVC leather chair - leather cracked within 3 years Half leather sofa - leather cracked within 5.5 years Half leather bed frame - leather is ok but bottom plywood coating peel off but still using Light clock - spoiled within 4 years
  3. Yes.... it's advisable to buy shower set, kitchen sink and taps from tb, confirm cheaper. But you must make sure and check that your contractor can install a bottle trap to the sink and shower set can convert shower set to expose surface mount water supply pipe (HDB) or conceal water supply pipe (condo) see photo below:
  4. Before I know Amcon, I used Peeka and 65daigou before. For Peeka I don't want to comment and will not use them anymore. For 65daigou they are more responsible agent, during my renovation I used them to ship 4 nos. of LED light fitting, all broken during the shipment due to seller did not pack the item properly and 65daigou pick up my case with with seller and managed to resend 4nos. new LED light fitting for my renovation by express service. But cost wise I wouldn't comment anyone of them, this is the LED light fitting for store room and both bathroom.
  5. PS: What I understand for example buying sofa set from taobao on their web page normally they provide you the dimension of the sofa set, come with how many pieces by looking at their picture roughly you will know the size of their packing box including protection foam just add in approx 200mm to all side of the sofa dimension that should be the external size of the packing box and you are still in control with shipment cost, you feel safe when you know the volume of the item. But most of the time taobao web site do not provide you the weight of the sofa set and seller do not have the facility to weight it for you, so once the item arrived at your forwarder or shipper warehouse after weighting the sofa including packing box, then they will inform you the cost of your shipment that is too late you as buyer and if the cost is too high you cannot reject the item or do not want to ship with them as the item in their warehouse.
  6. As for Amcon, glass, mirror, stone, marble, else item that are easy broken you can request them to provide wooden frames. If you are intended to bring in furniture, I will suggest not to use sea shipment by weight it will cost a bomb you can do the sum before deciding.
  7. Please take a look at my earlier post the all the contact number are there.
  8. Thanks for your info.... Previously when I am using reno, went shopping around for mirror box locally and found that the price here is ex.... Cheapest is from one of the shop in IMM forgotten their name but still cannot compare the price with taobao including freight.
  9. Ok this is the link, http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=1113285328
  10. Hi Natellehcim, Please contact Ms May from Amcon Express to check whether they can bring in small item and what is their charges. Recently I heard that they are also helping their customer to do small item purchase from taobao but don't know their charges. I believe everyone is also interested to know.
  11. Hi StevenNg,What i can advise you is everything from taobao is confirm cheaper worth for money. Of course you want money spend well spend you buy full or half leather soft including mattress, bed sheet taobao have more design tham furniture mall in singapore, lighting go for led save energy and you can also buy kitchen, bathroom sinks, taps, even floor tiles if you technical know how to order them. Sometime this things when you let your contractor to install them you have to assistant them, some item may not know how to install. And it's easlier for me because of my job.
  12. Regret to tell you, most of the electronic stuff like switches and lighting is made in China. Just make sure when you buy this item their factory is under ISO and some international standard.
  13. Thanks.... my guangzhou friend help me to send it over using SF Express Airfreight but very ex. It took 2 days to Singapore but cost S$83 for 4kg.
  14. Hi ebo, The link is working again. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=4784550300