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  1. hihi... can add me?

  2. i took about 10 shots to get 5 nice shots.. haha... still early to comment on the neat and tidy part... still got many things undo.... tired!
  3. COMMON TOILET COMPLETED PICS PART 2! Close-up pic of my wash basin with unique shape great for hand-soap! Close-up pic of my Wel-mi Bidet spray Last but not least.... Close-up pics of my simple and nice basin tap!
  4. COMMON TOILET COMPLETED PICS PART 1! Common Toilet Bi-fold door Common Toilet Vanity Area Common Toilet WC Area Common Toilet Shower Area seperated by Aycrlic Shower Screen for Kids Safety Common Toilet Shower Area View 2 .... to be continued
  5. my fujioh hood oil filter cover got one hairline crack and the oil that gathers will leak out... anyone know where can i buy a new oil cover to replace??
  6. MBR TOILET COMPLETED PICS PART 2! Close-up of my Waterfall Tap Close-up of my 2-way Tap for my Instant Heater Close-up of my 1 piece Baron WC Close-up of my Wel-mi Bidet Spray Close-up of my 707 Instant Heater with "Rainshower-alike" Shower Head Stay Tuned for other completed pics once they are ready
  7. MIA for long... cos busy packing, unpacking and some mini-minor works to be completed... Moved in on 24th May 2010 but reno still not consider completed yet... but here are some pics of my completed MBR Toilet to reveal..... MBR TOILET COMPLETED PICS PART 1! My Frosted Glass Door to MBR Toilet New Casement Window for Toilet My Solid Vanity Top and Full Length Mirror! Featured Toilet Wall and Shower area Closed-up of my Basin ..... to be continued
  8. Hi, round dining table is very hard to find as its not popular according to most furniture shops.. I bought mine from hommage after sourcing around for quite a while.. They dont specialist in round tables but they do have some and price are reasonable.. u can check it out ...
  9. your dining area i like! hehe
  10. Solid top for MBR toilet vanity only as i do not have cabinet in MBR toilet, only L-Bracket so its not strong enough to hold granite which i initially wanted I found a kind of solution which can use get rid of sratches on solid top + more maintain work.. i hope it will be nice for a long while.. Let's forget about that ID and see if Jason can be your "MAN"...
  11. Window Story Alex finally came to check on my living window after i emailed him the Mis-Aligned pic and he promised to change a new set for me! When i told him : "Alex must do nice nice for me ok!", he replied : "Okie!" So he came on Sat and replaced the Mis-aglined window Before: After: He even sealed up gap! Before: After: Afterall, he is still recommended
  12. UPDATES! Some updates for last week... Met Jason last Friday to select Solid Top and Switches My MBR Vanity Solid Top (Metallic Galaxy) Swtiches for my Living room The shelvings beside the window for bedroom 2 and 3 Before i left, gave Jason some booster!
  13. dont worry usually 3D wont differ much.... i'm now into red, black and white modern design.... but resort style is good.. relaxing and feels like on holiday every time when u reach home...