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  1. Price ok in my view. Bought bed frame and mattress from them. On time delivery, so no issues.
  2. Am hitting the range tonite. Hopefully I can get a bay.
  3. The lot of them are really young. Marcus and Jeremy both 26 Leslie is 28. ffs.
  4. 12 HC.****e. You'll hate playing with me as I'm useless. Maybe we can head to the range first, it's close by. I don't even have a valid handicap card - just wrote in to Elite Golf Solutions in UK to renew my old one......
  5. Don't forget the MIO connection, very important. Marcus probably freaks out when he see's my number
  6. Electrical is not broken down and is a lumpsum. Cover all points, lights, SCV, telephone, fan, oven require and new trunking / conceal if applicable. Engage your own electrician at your own risk. Any foul up and CLC should not be held liable. I like their electrician, nice guy. If your works come below the quote they will refund $$ back to you. I didn't bother with asking them for itemised quote for electrical work.
  7. Moved in already. Still unpacking and organizing. Kitchen is so friggin small so no choice it will not look neat or pretty. Nevermind the yard area. We just heaped everything in there Good thing we lumped on $$ for lots of built in wardrobes as we certainly need the storage space. Hopefully we will befully functional by end ofnext week. Still have trouble locating my stuff and navigating around the place when all the lights are off.
  8. My preference would be Sat between 1:30pm to 2pm. Fri evening I may need to run errands and get some much needed practice at the range before I completely embarrass myself at a friendly tourney next month.
  9. No ventilation hole what so ever. Need to put in air freshner. The color of solid surface top that I wanted for my kitchen not available in the $90/- range, so suay so no choice but to pay more for the range that did. Dunno about extra l corners,did not happen to me.
  10. If you start in sept / oct definately can HO in Dec. No hurry. My project only started on 3 May and I confirmed with them late March. My place took 7 weeks to complete. If need be you can come by for a quick viewing this Fri evening or Sat afternoon (between 1:45pm to 2:15pm) as I then have to leave to drop my son for his afternoon cathecism class.
  11. For the record I hate all insects. So far at least the pest mgmt company I hired has done a good job. Don't see any cockroaches.
  12. I am informed that granite is actually cheaper than solid surface. Dunno how true. Didn'tbother with granite as there are visibile joint lines. Also granite is a little porous so maintenence can be tricky over time. If not ready then not ready. No point being pressured. Talk to him and tell him that you are keen to partner with them but only after you have seen a completed project and sought feedback / references from the owners. I think this is fair enough as your capital outlay is a lot. I believe he is reasonable. I am surprised as I was never pressured by Marcus or Leslie at any point in time.
  13. Sure to need shoe cabinet. My multi purpose. Store shoes and one area carved out for my golf bag. If sign contract already then it's debit / credit note.
  14. He did throw in some xtras in the ceiling works and design if I recall. He charged me 3K to straighten by slant on my MBR wall. Initially I freaked out but the 3K covered: Board to straighten wall. A mini WIW in the odd space. Wall paper on feature wall. Headboard and 2 side tables.