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  1. Cove light diffuses onto the ceiling and bounces across the room. As long as the perimeter of your L-box is larger than the blade-span of your ceiling fan(which is usually the case), you do not need to worry about flickering effect due to the fact that cove light is an indirect light source. it is not advisable to separate the tubes into different switches. All tubes need to be switched on to offer coherent cove lighting effect. If cleaning once a year is fine with you, cove light provides excellent lighting from both practical and aesthetic aspect. You can choose either T5 warm white tube or LED for cove light.
  2. Beautiful glass coffee and side table set both in excellent condition. Both tables come in a set with tempered glass top and marble finishing on bottom deck. Coffee Table: L 140 cm x W 80 cm x H 44 cm ($100 SGD) Side Table: L 70 cm x W 70 cm x H 44 cm ($50 SGD) Self collect. Delivery not included. Tables can be disassembled easily but glass top will need to be handled with care. Accept payment by cash only. Posting on behalf of a friend so pls PM only to inquire. Thanks. See pics here: coffee table
  3. Hi, Jango1712, A proper LED driver helps to maximize lamp life and protect the lamps from power irregularity. Take our LED drivers as an example, they feature 1KV surge protection and short circuit auto cut-off function besides providing stable 12V DC power to LED light. Dedicated LED driver also buffers power surge and soft-start the lamp. LED lights run best at 12V DC power supply. Although many lamps are designed to be compatible with halogen 12V AC ballast, but flickering and short lamp life occur often due to unregulated current from AC ballast. LED lamps are also available in GU10 and E27 base which accept 240V main voltage. A simple power supply is integrated into the lamp internal space. They are more prone to failure as the power supply lacks the stability as well as necessary protective features to withstand the current surge at every on/off cycle. I'd highly recommend using LED driver to power your LED lamps.
  4. Thank you, Cypress. PM has been sent to your msg box.
  5. Adding backlight is an effective approach to brighten up the living room wall where a number of decorative items are placed. Apart from the backlight installed on the bottom deck cabinet, you can consider a hollow internal lit with LED strip/module for the 2nd-tier cabinet, then cover the cavity with frosted perspex to create a glowing effect. For the top deck, either track light installed on the ceiling or LED strip similar to that on the bottom deck will be a good idea. Take note to choose moderate brightness light for this area to avoid visual distraction.
  6. is your fixture completely sealed? sometimes certain fixture design causes pool ventilation that lead to overheating of the bulb.
  7. Hi, iPineapple, your PM box is full. can you leave me your email or contact? Thank you.
  8. Hi,Zac, We have encountered quite a number of customers who shares your experience. You can come to visit our showroom to take a look at our range of LED lighting products. Lighting is the most economical way to improve the class your house interior. In fact, LED lighting can be achieved at an affordable cost. We will be glad to share our ideas and knowledge in home lighting setup with you. There is no obligation. We are open on Saturday as well. Kindly contact my HP before you come. Thanks.
  9. Different LED chip makers produce LED chips with varied quality. However for raw LED chip at the wafer factory. LED chips are divided into different "bins" based on the actual colour temperature of the LED chip. Serious lighting manufacturer will use LED chips of the same bin to maintain the colour consistency of their lighting products.
  10. Hi, James, The ballast is in fact a transformer to drive a fluorescent-based lamp. Most LED lamps accept AC power supply from a magnetic ballast. Before installation, you must read the power input specification of the circular LED lamp carefully. If the lamp runs strictly on DC power input, you must connect it to a LED driver. However if circular LED lamp works with main voltage 110~240V AC, you can opt to remove the ballast and run the lamp directly on 240V power supply. With a magnetic ballast in line, the LED lamp will consume its own wattage plus about 2-3 watt from the magnetic ballast. By removing the ballast, you can save 2-3 watt for the lamp. Be aware of electronic ballasts for fluorescent/CFL lamp, these are not compatible with LED lamp as its inbuilt start will induce a high starting voltage which will damage LED lamps. Regards Collins
  11. Home environment might be too confined for precise motion sensor control. Motion/IR sensor has a minimum range of operation. Being situated in the toilet, movement in the close vicinity might trigger the sensor. In addition, most sensors keep the light on for an adjustable period of time eg. 1min, 5min, 15min and 30min. Too short the period you need to move again to trigger the sensor, too long then lead to wastage. You will need to learn the full specification of the sensor before purchase.
  12. I am so glad to hear that you are happy with the lights. Thanks for your kind support, James.