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  1. Dear RRGHY

    Your quote depend very much on what requirements you have i am running a design firm and we are newly started and looking for our first portfolio client if you do not mind i can assist on your reno quote for comparison sake, i have been in this line for over 10 years and finally decided to do my own business please drop me a line if you are interested to have another opi...

  2. Hi Brothers and Sisters Hope you all can help weigh in on a discussion I had with my mother - she says I'm naive and stupid to even consider the reno quotes I'm getting, I say that her information is outdated! WHO IS CORRECT?!? IS ME REALLY HEAD GOT COCONUT WATER?!? I've got a 5-room HDB flat to reno. My intended works include: (a) hacking floor and wall tiles, (b) re-tiling, © false ceiling for living room / dining room, (d) re-wiring whole unit, (e) air-con 4-way, (f) install kitchen top and storage cabinet, (g) custom wardrobe and study table, and (h) painting whole unit. I've obtained three quotes from contractors who have come down to view the place. One was a low quote of $45k, one was in the middle with $60k - $70k, and the highest about about $70k - $80k. Then when my mother found out, she said, wa piang, boy you think money very easy to earn ah, you think your handphone number strike toto ah. She said, even $45k is too high, try asking for $20k - $25k. I personally think her idea is too far from the ballpark quotes though. I mean, I can understand a disparity of about 10% - 20%, but her idea of what is reasonable is just too far off what three contractors told me. PLOT TWIST - MAYBE SHE IS RIGHT AND EVERYONE OUT TO HOOT ME. So brothers and sisters, any advice? What is the ballpark costs for extensive works to a 5-room HDB? Or should I keep looking for more contractors? THANKS ALL! BOY WHO IS EITHER VERY WRONG (AND THEN MUST SAY SORRY MOTHER) OR VERY CORRECT (AND THEN MUST ACT BLUR FOR FAMILY HARMONY) (Disclaimer: I know that reno quotes really depend on a lot of variables - material costs, choice of finishing, special requests, extent of works. But what I am hoping to hear from the more experienced amongst you is whether based on the proposed scope of works above, is a reasonable quote one that is in the ballpark of $50k to $80k, or can I actually go as low as $20k to $30k?)