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  1. Forgot to add... Quotation is by direct contractor.
  2. Hi fellow RT members. Pls comment if this quote is reasonable. Thanks! Dear Sir, Thank you for your enquiry, we have the pleasure to quote you the best price as follows. Wet Works 1. To supply and lay 300mm x 300mm homogeneous floor tiles at kitchen. ( S$ 1,000 ) 2. To supply and lay homogeneous floor tiles at 2 bathrooms. ( S$ 900 ) 3. To supply and lay ceramic wall tiles at 2 bathrooms to ceiling height. ( S$ 2,900 ) 4. To supply and construct cabinet base, fridge base and washing machine base. ( S$ 320 ) 5. To supply and lay waterproofing at 2 bathroom flooring. ( S$ 300 ) 6. To supply labor and construct shower kerb at common bathrooms. ( S$ 120 ) Total : S$ 5,540 Plumbing Works 1. To replace kitchen and 2 bathroom piping to stainless steel pipe. ( S$ 750 ) 2. To supply and install hot water piping for 2 no shower. ( S$ 550 ) 3. To supply and install 1 no storage heater, 2 no rain shower, 2 no mixer, tap and all bathroom accessories. ( S$ 1,280 ) 4. To supply and lay outlet pipe for kitchen sink and washing machine. ( S$ 100 ) 5. To supply and install 2 no sitting bowl and 2 face basin. ( S$ 980 ) 6. To supply and construct long bath at master bathroom c/w 10mm clear tempered glass fixed panel. ( S$ 1,300 ) Total : S$ 2,050 Carpentry Works 1. To supply and install kitchen cabinet c/w abs trimming, handle, 2 no glass panel in laminate finishing 30’. ( S$ 3,300 ) 2. To supply and install dish rack c/w glass panel and hydraulic hinge. ( S$ 180 ) 3. To supply and install solid surface top at kitchen cabinet 15’. ( S$ 1,050 ) Total : S$ 4,530 Misc Works 1. To supply and lay laminate flooring **** and 3 bedroom c/w skirting. ( S$ 3,300 ) 2. To supply and install 10mm clear tempered glass shower screen at common bathroom c/w fixed panel and swing door. ( S$ 550 ) 3. To supply and install 2 no alum. Bi-fold door at 2 bathrooms. ( S$ 440 ) 4. To supply and install wrought iron gate. ( S$ 520 ) 5. To paint whole house using ICI. ( S$ 1,250 ) Total : S$ 6,060 Hacking And Haulage Works 1. To hack off existing floor tiles at kitchen and 2 bathrooms. ( S$ 700 ) 3. To hack off existing wall tiles at 2 bathrooms. ( S$ 600 ) 4. To dismantle existing kitchen cabinet. ( S$ 250 ) 5. To hack off existing skirting and make smooth finishing **** and 3 bedroom. ( S$ 550 ) 6. To load up material and clear debris from site. ( S$ 450 ) Total : S$ 2,550 We Trust That You Will Find Our Offer Acceptable To You And We Are Looking Forward To Receive Your Order In Due Course.
  3. We didn't spot any O$P$ graffiti but there was signs of repainted walls along the corridor & lift landings but can't really tell if it was repainted recently. Is there any way where I can check with the town council or the relevant authority if the CCTV installed was done recently or not?
  4. Hi, I would like to ask fellow RT members here with regards to whether I should take this unit that I'm quite keen on buying. The unit is a resale 5I in Bt Panjang area. It's a high floor unit & current owner is a Phillipino PR. The unit is very well kept with not much reno to be done which is the plus point why we are interested in this unit. After viewing we notice 3 CCTV camera installed outside their unit facing 3 different angles. We question this to the owner & he replied that when he bought the unit about 3 1/2 years back from the 1st owner, they were harassed by loansharks right after they move in. But according to the current owner, after making a police report & installing the CCTV camera, they have been living in peace for the past 2 years. My dilemma here is, should I trust his statement & buy this unit or do I not take the gamble & keep looking for other suitable units? We did however made our own investigation by asking their nearby neighbors if they notice loansharks activities for the past year or so. The good news is most of the neighbors that we asked said that they didn't noticed any for the past 2 years or so. We also went to the nearby Police Post to enquire but the officer said that he can't reveal any infomation to us. What should we do? Any advice is most welcome. Thank you.