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  1. currently, the 3 walls of my living room of my 3NG resale flat is covered with rockstone. i am thinking of having the 3 walls plastered so i can use wall paper instead.(i dun wan to do the bedrooms) any rec on where to find service provider for such a small job ?
  2. i smsed my unsuccessful ids/contractors ... and yes, only one acknowledged. but one id who called me till the last minute ... no, last second, and even after i signed the another contract, managed to take it quite gently. I would have chosen him, if he weren't the last shortlisted ID.
  3. the one in Ubi ? got a quote from them ... and was revised twice ... but the female Id who met me was pretty good and sounded quite knowledgeable. btw, what's your quote like ? my 3 rm : 2 toilets and kitchen x full works + 21 foot cabinet(postform), hall + 2 br homog floor tiles + all over painting + elect.wiring = $21.5k
  4. last week went harvey norman ... seems they having promo for 39" LED + free soundbar; but got to buy their extended warranty.
  5. bigger and no frills microwave .... bought one myself today ... My link
  6. it belongs to you and you can do anything you like with it.
  7. need to custom two pieces of perspex or acrylic about 55 x 58 cm and then cut a circle in the center about 8 inches. any rec and what's the price like ?
  8. mine were delivered as scheduled ... but as the deliveryman appeared abit rushing, my dad let him go without checking the lights. anyway, my lights will be opened and installed tmr or tuesday ... so hope everything is ok.
  9. bought a set of 8pcs of PLL lightings at U-Vee Lightings yesterday ... they were having offer, of the second pc at 50%. bought the double tube size ones at $78 ... so two pcs = $78 + $39 = $117. smaller ones for toilet is $48 + $24 = $72 for a pair. I believe the standard material is glass ? purchase $300 and above will get free delivery. told them to deliver to my flat(still renovating) this thurdays afternoon ... will see how is the actual delivered item and service. Btw, my reno contractor will be installing the lights for me instead of U-Vee. frankly i do not know if they are really cheapest coz that's the only shop i went to in balestier.
  10. i cannot access private messaging ...
  11. maybe you want to try asking HDB?since nobody is living on top of your flat, that leaves only the builders responsible. ... maybe 50/50 ?
  12. kitchen and 2 toilets ... around $13k. ppl usually do two together.
  13. at first after shortlisting my desired contractor, i tried to tell those that i rejected that i have already made a decision ... then they asked me what was in my package so they can try to help me see if i was shortchange. but after i told them, they came up with counter offers instead saying their is better and the shortlisted one is not. make me more confused and headache. so i finally made up my mind to go one and then signed the contract, then just sms the rest to thank them for their interest and time.... but only one replied with acknowledgement.