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  1. hi all.. sorry for the mixed up... I have a court case with champions republic, not rachel.. so sorry... my apologies....beware of champions republic, cos they took my deposit but did not do my door.... sorry for the confusion.....
  2. For your dream homes, even a slight doubt over any contractor should be avoided.. Why take risk? Why must i slender champions republic? I have engaged another contractor even though they charged higher than Champions Republic and have already placed 50% deposit.. I have the receipt to proof this.. Why would i pay another contractor another 50% when i can pay Champions Republic to finish my job rite?? Cos they never deliver their promise and delayed and lastly demanded more payment even before they come and fix anything... Pm me i any readers need to see their sms, invoice and how they threaten me on the fon...
  3. So u all admit that u all never fix the door after firstly, 50% deposit was paid... And u all insist on more payment before even fixing anything?? Why was a 50% deposit not enough and your esteem company needed more deposit as promised when 50% was paid in advance.. Dear fellow readers, instead of having doubts over who is right, you readers might as well avoid such trouble that i went thru and get other trusted contractors in the market.. There are many more trusted contractors out there with better track records... Why take a risk with champions republic over such matter.. And i am still standing on my rights.. Pls proceed with legal action if u think my accusation is baseless.. Let the readers decide..
  4. At last after i snap shot and show them i have exposed them in renotalk, they decided to sms me.. I have already paid half as agreed and balance payment after all 3 dors installed buy now they claim they want progressive payments.. Already they delayed my doors and now they comw out with this tactics.. Do u all think i should cont using them? Wat if i pay another $500 and they run away??? Below is the sms they replied to me... (Sms replied to me) We doubt your credential, We left with three options for you. 1) Stop the ill intention and nasty behavior as well as apologize and then you made settlement upon arrival of doors at your site before we install all doors. 2) Stop the ill intention and nasty behavior as well as apologise and then you made progressive payment of $500 after we install two toilet door first and then multi-fold door later.3) if you disagree with the option 1&2 above then we resolve it through mediator from CASE or court. We sort thing out according to society norm and order. If you disagree with all above 3 options and choose to have well planned ill intention attack on us then go ahead. (Pls advice guys)
  5. I hope more ppl come out and dispose this kind of contractor..
  6. I think of diy u wil have prob fixing it. After my bad experience with Chamions republic, i used a new contractor. Nan huat.. They will be able to fix within 3 working days, which i think is fast cos they have their own factory.. Very low cost too.. U can try google for them.. As for champions republic, i heard they work as a middle man, thats why they able to take deposit and run away...
  7. Hi all.. I wanna share my bad experience with republic champions.. I ordered 2 bifold toilet doors and a room bifold partition with them more than a month ago. It came to a total of $2080 and i deposit half, abt $1000 with them.. Up to today, they yet to deliver any of my doors. Calls and sms them and they will say coming the next day, busy, and so many other excuses.. Yesterday they call me and say they will fix my two toilet doors today but i have to pay my balance first before they install.. I told them thats not how its supposed to work and the guy simply told me if u dont want i wont come and hung up the fon.. Before collecting the deposit, they were so nice, after chq cleared they simply disappeared.. Pls ps pls, try not to buy from this company. Im going to complain to case... They even cal and threaten me... I have already lodge a police report.. Pls beware of this kind of company..
  8. Hi all.. The updates.. The boss of republic champion called me and threaten me to meet outside for 1-2-1.. What kind of business man is this.. Im gonna make a police report..
  9. Hi champion republic, Im the owner of the flat that u all supposed to do my bi-fold door and bi fold partition. Till today u yet to fix my door and you can still say that u all are professional? You ask for full payment wvwn before door is fix and hung up on me.. How so you justify this? I have your receipt, sms and recorded your fon chat with me... Anyone who wish to listen or read how they got my deposit and disappeared, do pm me pls... I should have just stick to rachel from ministry of doors... Anyway i had give republic champions till today to fix my doors, which they promise would fix by today.. I will update you guys if they keep to their promise after promise after promise..
  10. ooh.. this is scary... I was just considering them... but my contractor is George...
  11. I got a quote from 3d also.. a guy name George.. any advie? I yet to confirm with any id yet