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  1. Dear all, I'd greatly appreciate some advice.. I'm a new BTO homeowner and currently in midst of renovation. However, my contractor pointed out that this is a problem with the already painted walls. For info - my BTO comes painted with flooring. Technical specs for internal walls is skim-coated / plastered and painted white. So my contractor painted 1 portion of the unit, and noticed that the paint was peeling. He highlighted that he is unable to continue to paint because sealant wasn't applied UNDER the top white coat. To do a good and proper job, the top white coat has to be sanded off, plastered to make the surface even, apply sealant, then paint. He had however advised to find out from HDB if the technical specs was as-is, or did they leave out the sealant coat. I did so and the HDB officer confirmed that there is no sealant. It was as per specs- plastered walls, and emulsion paint. Now here are my qns: - is this normal wall painting specs for HDB projects? - shouldn't sealant be applied before any form of paint goes on? - is it Ok to put sealant over current HDB-ready emulsion paint? Will it peel again? Any issues if i did so? Help! Advise, anyone? My renos out on hold until this painting is resolved.