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  1. I am hoping to "update" my main door with a new paint and vanish. Anyone has good recommendation? Thank you
  2. Hi all, thank you for your generosity in sharing your experiences. I have bought a house (landed property) with tight budget to do a few pieces of different work around the house. My wife can supervise the work so there is no need of an overall contractor. The work I need are 1. Replace worn-out panel and install new awning. 2. Erect shelter at back of house. 3. Replace a two-leaf glass door to sliding door. 4. Install weather proof mechanical lock for a small side gate. I am also considering electro mechanical with remote control. But this is really a small side gate so I don't want to spend much on it. 5. Replace kitchen cabinet doors. 6. Carpentry for below basin cabinet in 2 toilets. Thank you very much.
  3. Thank you for the inputs. The front of the inter-terrace house is estimated to be the standard 6m wide. The current door is just a regular door 1m width on the concrete wall fence. There is no drainage between the fence and road, which is a wide 2 lanes straight road. Most of the neighbours including the immediate neighbours have all rebuilt their house to 3-stories with fence and car gate. So I interpret as possible to rebuild and open a car gate provided that house has nothing blocking in front like the rest of houses. The 2 boxes, each about 1m width has another about 0.6m gap between them. And then there is the lamp post and the gap to the boxes. That leaves only about 2m from the edge, which is insufficient for a gate for car. It seems as though that the boxes and lamp post are all concentrated to the front of this house when the other houses rebuilt. The boxes look new.
  4. I am interested to purchase an old terrace house that does not have a big door. So I want to install a gate wide for car to go in but there is two big metal boxes (about 1.2m tall and 1m wide) that looks like they house telco and power switches. There is also a street lamp post right in the middle. Do any of you have experience on whether I can request to have these moved? I want to clarify this before I make decision to buy the house. Thank you.