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Found 16 results

  1. GoDigitalLock will bring you huge discounts for digital door locks and digital gate locks at Bundle Offer Sale…Buy your digital locks from us and claim your Free Gifts, Free Delivery & Installation You may contact any of our sales hotline below: 📲8782 8818 📲8782 8816 📲8783 8818 Thank you & have a nice day Best Regards, Go Digital Lock
  2. Introducing, LUTRON smart home system. Simple and brilliant way for your first step in achieving your desired smart home. With LUTRON you will be able to personalize your lighting system on your smart phone without a doubt enabling users with the flexibility of accommodating new devices and applications of the near future and not forgetting the increase of your home's energy efficiency. Not limiting the functions of your LUTRON, it is also able to control blinds and fan on your command. Swiftly connects to various smart home command systems. REVIEWED MOST ACCESSIBLE SMART OPERATING SYSTEM IN THE MARKET!!! !!!!!!!PRICE INCLUSIVE OF INSTALLATION!!!!! 2 YEARS WARRANTYYYYY For more information, Website: www.intellihub.com.sg Showroom: 66 Horne Road #03-00 Tel: 6276 9188 HP: 9363 3145 Whatsapp: https://wa.link/ryk45x VARIOUS OF ACCESSORY TO ADD ON!!
  3. Does the prospect of a smart home sound attractive to you? Do you want to take your first step into the smart lifestyle? Control all of your infrared controlled devices with your smartphone or through voice command. We sell LifeSmart product / Motion Sensor / Digital Lock / Indoor&Outdoor Camera / Smart Switch / Automation Curtain. ID or ID firm that wish to do a collaboration, pls drop me a call or whatapp to find out more details. Call or Whatapp HP 91773460 (Adrian)
  4. GoDigitalLock is one stop solution for all your Digital locks, Gates and Doors need. Here we have started Year End Bundle Promotion Sale 2020. Free Gifts(Letter Box Digital Lock & Power bank) for First 50 Customers only!!! Most people love us because we carries all your home entrance needs and we wonder, vibrational match to your desires GoDigitalLock is an authorized dealer of Samsung, Kaiser+, Loghome, Schlage, Hafele, Igloohome, Kaadas, Clavis Digital Locks Warranty =>1 year warranty for Wooden Doors & Gate =>2 year warranty for Digital Locks Reach us at Website: https://www.godigitallock.com/promotion/ Contact at: 87828818 / 87828816 / 87838818 Showroom:#1 Tampines North Drive 3 #02-06 S(528499)
  5. Our Smart Home system allow you to remote control through your 4G phones (outside) , or through voice command (at home). Turn Your Space To A Voice Controlled Smart Home. ✔️1. Better retiring lifestyle for your parent. Our system is easy to use. Just uses voice to control. (English/Chinese). This is very helpful for elderly at home, they don't have to move around the house turning on and off switches. Their retiring life style should be sitting there and relax, AI will do the job for them. ✔️2. Safety and convenient of your kids. Your kids climbing up chairs try to turn on switches ? Too dangerous for your kids to accidentally touch switches ? Now they can use voice to turn on/off lights, air-conditional, fan, television etc. ✔️3. Control your home easily outside or inside the house. Forgot to switch off your air-condition and just realise it 10 minutes after you drive out of your house? Too troublesome to manually on/off your home switches, electric appliances ?When you choose to work with us, We listen to your concern/requests, and are fully committed to making your dreams come true.Our goal as an smart home designer is to enhance the way you live by making the most out of your space and bringing its full potential to life. Home Automation Company. Smart Security Package For Kitchen ◼️ Main Smart Alarm Control System (Camera) ◼️ Security Cameras ◼️ Door / Window Sensors ◼️ Motion Detectors ◼️ Curtain Sensors Smart Living Room System ◼️ AI Speaker to control the devices. ◼️ Switches : For fixture such as Lights, Ceiling Fan etc. ◼️ Smart Plugs : For electric appliances such as Standing Fan, Lamp, Humidifier etc. ◼️ IR controller : Can control Air-con, TV etc. Address: Blk 18 #03-10 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City,Singapore - 530681 Website: https://www.singapore-smart-home.com/ Contact: +60189627532
  6. If you love Philip Hue, you will love Innr plus its price. https://h4sh.automate.asia/blogs/guides-and-reviews/innr-an-affordable-philip-hue-alternative
  7. HUAT Arh.....FREE $388 Eshop voucherCheck out the link to grab it.https://h4sh.automate.asia/products/cny-promotion
  8. If you have missed the print version of Home&Now where we were mentioned, you can check out the online version here. The Straits Times Lianhe Zaobao 联合早报 To learn more. please click https://h4sh.automate.asia/
  9. It was almost six years since this article. Is planning a smart home still a daunting task? 6 years back, there were only less choices available. Fast forward six years later, at the current rate of product releases, there seems to be a much wider choice to choose from. Most people ended in paralysis by analysis, trying to pick the.....continue reading click here
  10. Hi I am new homeowner here. I have been trying out a few stuff that goes for my new house. I have learn so much from the forum and Thanks to all the other experienced homeowner that leads me to my dream home. What I have do for my new house is that I have combine two design of industrial and minimalist into on for my whole stretch of living room. Everything look so neat and easy to tidy. Adding up, I have tried some new system that is very popular for an innovative new home, as I think I need to follow up the trend for my house. Since I am going to stay in there forever, why not upgrade a bit rather than being traditional all the time. So me and my husband, we have use some of the smart technology device where it help us to keep track our housing electrical status. Which is like sometimes if I go out for shopping, I can check my apps and I will know where are the light i have forgotten to switch it off. Which is really really convenient for us. At least for me. It can be do it on the shade/ curtain on my house. I would just need to look at my apps and I could connect to it easily. Most of our house furniture are quite unique I could say, because we purposely hunt for product where suppliers brings from overseas. But I think the main point is, the pricing did not differ by much. Just like our dustbin where it will open the lid then I hover my hands over. I think it is really quite important nowadays for homeowner to choose their own suitable furniture for their home. Because we stay in there everyday. Something that are more exp a bit could last us for quite awhile. This even motivates me to stay at home rather then going out to hang out with my friends. where this changes me so much. It is because of the fun technology i get to use lol, but not sure how long I am going to last for this. Many people try taobao but I rather not. because the quality and the material , i really could not judge sia. I just know it might be cheap,
  11. Homey is homekit ready. see https://h4sh.automate.asia/blogs/guides-and-reviews
  12. click here and check this special price for Alexa Echo
  13. click to read more Controlling Fan speed with Aeotec Nano Dimmer
  14. Smart home is for Family. Bring along one immediate family member (Wife/Hubby/Children) of your to attend this meaningful Smart Home Workshop for FREE. Smart home is one of the up and coming buzzword in the recent years. However, the concept of smart home seems very daunting to many. The common questions include: Is it going to cost an arm or a leg? Do I have to tear all my wiring out? What technology should I go for? How can I future proof my home? Do I need a professional maintenance package to keep it running? The workshop aims to answer all these questions as well as to get you started on building and maintaining your own smart home without burning a hole in your pocket. Check it out
  15. Smart home is one of the up and coming buzzword in the recent years. However, the concept of smart home seems very daunting to many. The common questions include: Is it going to cost an arm or a leg? Do I have to tear all my wiring out? What technology should I go for? How can I future proof my home? Do I need a professional maintenance package to keep it running? The workshop aims to answer all these questions as well as to get you started on building and maintaining your own smart home without burning a hole in your pocket. Who should attend this workshop? If you are getting a new place or retrofit your existing place and would like to make it smarter. Or if you just want to learn some skills to start a smart home business! Do I need to be tech savvy? Basic PC skills will be sufficient. If you love your gadgets, then you will be tech savvy enough! What can I get out of this basic smart home workshop? You will learn about the technologies available for building a smart home and how you can apply it to your own living room. Get your hands dirty on retrofitting your switches. You will get to wire the modules to make your light switches smarter. Configure smart switches, sensors, wall plugs and air-con controllers. Setup and experience voice control. What else should I take note? You will need to bring your own laptops, we will provide all the training devices and materials. Kids are welcomed as we have quite a big space but please keep them supervised at all times. Most importantly, come with your enthusiasm to pick up new skills! Click here to register https://h4sh.automate.asia/products/automate-asia-smart-home-workshop