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  1. Terraced House @ West Coast Lane The smart lighting and security solution for this Terraced House is designed to blend seamlessly into this family’s lifestyle. Here is a peek into the typical day of the home owner… As you drive into the car porch, the motion sensor switches on the light to illuminate your way. You pick up your document bag and head for the door. The door sensor immediately triggers the living room lightings when you push the door ajar. “Nice and welcomed,” you thought to yourself. You drop down onto the couch, turn on the air-con and TV, pick your favourite TV channel, only to realize you have only pressed the “Couch Potato” button on your phone app. Ending the day, you activate the scene “Nights out” on your phone and all lights, air-cons, fans and appliances are switched off in the common areas. You rest with a peace of mind knowing your IP camera and motion sensors at the front and back yard will keep your family and house safe throughout the long silent night… Devices used are: Fibaro Home Center Lite, Single & Double Light Relays, Motion Sensors, Door Sensor, Energy Monitoring Socket Adapters, Infrared Blaster and IP camera. Project fees: SGD7,000++
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  3. Zipato RGBW Bulb review Summary: The Zipato RGBW Bulb is one of the first of its kind to be released in the Z-Wave market. It features a 4 channel LED (Red, Green, Blue and White) configuration which is housed in a light bulb with a E27 screw base. The intensities of the primary RGB colours can be varied to produce thousands of colours that can serve as a versatile form of ambience light. Furthermore the ‘White’ channel enables the colour temperature of the white light to be adjusted between ‘Cool’ and ‘Warm’, hence empowering the user to fine tune the lighting ambience of his space between work and leisure. Unboxing: The non-packaging related contents of the box include: 1 x Zipato RGBW Bulb 1 x Quick Installation Guide Installation and Z-Wave pairing: The physical installation of this Z-Wave light bulb is extremely straight forward as compared to the other types of ceiling lighting-related Z-Wave devices such as dimmer and on/off relay insert modules. All that needs to be done is the replacement of the existing conventional light bulb with the Zipato RGBW Bulb. As depicted in the image below, the conventional light bulb (on the left) was removed from the table lamp and the Zipato RGBW Bulb (on the right) will be installed in its place. In summary, the user only needs to execute the following steps: Screw in the Zipato RGBW Bulb into a E27 socket (i.e. any E27 table lamps, standing lamps, ceiling light etc) Switch on the power to the light/lamp Activate inclusion mode on the Z-Wave gateway Activate inclusion mode on the Zipato RGBW Bulb by gently tapping on the bulb itself or tapping on the housing of the bulb (The Zipato RGBW Bulb will emit a green light to indicate that the inclusion/exclusion process has been executed successfully and the gateway will also indicate that the bulb has been included or excluded) Configuration: Currently for the Fibaro and Vera gateways (i.e. HCL, HC2, Veralite, Vera 3, VeraEdge) it will only appear as a single dimmable light (i.e. only the white channel works). For the Zipabox gateway, all four channels (RGBW) can be controlled. With future firmware releases and software updates, perhaps all 4 RGBW channels will be fully compatible with the Vera and Fibaro gateways. The Zipato RGBW Bulb has the following configurable options (via device parameters settings): Adjusting colour temperature of the white light (1 – full cold white, 100- full warm white) Shock sensor sensitivity (0- min sensitivity, 31 – max sensitivity) – To detect tapping of the bulb (note: Whenever the Zipato RGBW bulb is excluded from a Z Wave network, its device parameters are restored to factory default settings)Pros: Low power consumption – 0.45 Watts on standby mode (no light) and 6.7 Watts when powered on (emitting light) Quick and easy to install with no need to change physical switches nor extend additional neutral wires nor cater for additional mounting fixtures/recess (i.e. especially in the case of installation for conventional Z Wave switch inserts) Ideal to be installed in a feature light whereby its colour changing capabilities will add dynamism to the feature light and the room’s ambienceCons: The Zipato RGBW Bulb can only accommodate E27 socket types The Zipato RGBW Bulb is not fully compatible with Vera or Fibaro gateways yet.Conclusion: For Zipabox users, the Zipato RGBW Bulb would be an interesting addition to the vast existing suite of Z-Wave devices with its simple setup and versatile colour changing capabilities that will present the end user with added options to personalise the ambience of his automated space. However for non-Zipabox users, such as those who use Fibaro or Vera gateways, it serves to be more of a semi-functional prelude to the long awaited Aeon Labs RGBW light bulb (http://aeotec.com/z-wave-led-lightbulb) that will probably be released in 2015 and have direct compatibility with Fibaro and Vera gateways. Tech Specs: For additional technical specifications, you may refer to: http://evida.com.sg/homeautomation/product/zipato-rgbw-bulb/#comment-28
  4. Guaranteed best offer in Singapore. Grab the latest Z-Wave gateway, VeraEdge @ SGD225 from eVida website! Key features: Powerful Z-Wave gateway that control over 220 Z-Wave devices around your houseView all your cameras and control all your smart home devices from one easy appGeofencing allows your smart home to prepare for your arrival back home1 Gateway with infinite functions! Provides home security, energy savings, home safety monitoring & convenience to your familyWhy eVida: Dealer for most established Z-Wave brands2-years of experience in Z-Wave home automation, with integration and configuration services Prompt reply, positive service attitude, quality after sales supportWon multiple awards in Ideasinc Inc Business Challenge 2013
  5. Great links! I'm sure a notable amount of time was invested in sourcing for these devices. I believe you are mainly looking at lighting control, power socket control and a smart door lock. From the experience of a SmartHome System Integrator, you might want to consider these points of consideration before making your purchase: Power rating and communication frequency For smart home devices that are found on US shopping site such as The Home Depot, Amazon, Belkin US site, most of them follow the US 110V power rating and Industry Science Medicine (ISM) frequency band of 908MHz for wireless communication standard. Singapore's power rating is at 230V and the approved Short Range Device (SRD) frequency band by IDA is 868.42MHz. Unfortunately, failure to comply with these 2 standards means that these US smart gadgets cannot operate here in Singapore. Hence any home owner planning to DIY their smart home system have to be careful to find out the technical specifications of your device before making your purchase. Consider the long-term time and efforts to maintain your smart home system. Spending $1,000 on a system which lasts 1-2 years + time to troubleshoot and replacement if any component spoils VERSUS $3,500 on a system which lasts 5-10 years smoothly Depending on your individual needs and requirements, once you have decided on getting any smart home system, you would be "locked in" and your options are limited to the products compatible to this protocol if you plan to upgrade or expand your smart home system down the road. You may want to read the reviews of the product and consider the after-sales support by the brand you bought from. Overtime, the more tech savvy owners would buy new stand-alone system (like Sonos, Netatmo, Livolo) to automate their home. Eventually they ended up with multiple apps to control their lights, Hi Fi, door lock, IP cameras separately. We have served a handful of clients who sought our help to integrate these various system together. For example, use Z-Wave app as a single platform to control Philips Hue Light, Sonos, and IP cameras. In some circumstances when Z-Wave gateway can integrate with 3 out of 4 system, our client has to re-invest a sum to change the last incompatible system to one which is Z-Wave compatible to have everything neatly controlled from one smartphone app. So although you can save some money to DIY and plan for your automation system at the early stage of installation, any overlook in the technical compatibility and long-term ease of use might be an expensive mistake to rectify in the future. For the home automation enthusiasts and IT geeks, it is definitely an interesting experience to customize your smart home. But if you need a fast and reliable solution, it is advisable to find a local smart home vendor to supply your devices or even complete the installation neatly. Feel free to PM me if any one needs more help/advice.
  6. Thats great! You might want to consider investing one-time in Fibaro HomeCenter2, with built in voice control. http://evida.com.sg/...ct/homecenter2/
  7. Pack your home into your phone! There are endless possibilities in a Smart Home. Using an app on your smartphone, you may control down to every detail in your home, even when you are overseas. From electrical lightings, household appliances, to even non-electrical furnishing like your gate and curtain, eVida has the right solution to transform your existing home to a Smart Home instantly. Here are some ways how a Smart Home will value-add to you and your family: Monitor your child and maid Be informed of who is in the house and the time when your child or maid is back home. Protect your valuables and ensure that it is out of reach by your child and maid. The Yale door lock and Foscam camera would track who comes in and out of the house. Stick a door sensor to a drawer/cabinet to secure your valuables and be notified when someone opens the drawer/cabinet. Devices required: Manage your lightings Here is a much easier way to manage your home lightings. Lights can be automatically switched on or off when you enter or leave a room using the relay switches and motion sensors. With the RGBW controller and dimmer, set the right ambiance with a change in the lighting color mood or intensity. Let the postman in Have you ever miss your parcel because there is nobody at home when the postman arrives? Now you can open your gate/door from the office to let the postman in without a concern with security. To open your door or gate, you would need to install a Yale door lock or Fibaro relay to your gate’s motor. Monitor every action of the postman via a Foscam IP camera. Check out on eVida’s SmartHome Christmas Bundle Promotion Now