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  1. We are in final planning stages of our house and my wife and I are having difficulty deciding where to position the main and secondary sink in our double island kitchen. Option 1: position the main island closest to the cooktop (current design). This leaves the second island clutter free for guests and family to gather. Also, it’s a quick access to the sink when you need to drop dirty skillets and pots. On the other hand, it can create a bottle neck when one person is cooking and the other is washing dishes. Also, opening the dishwasher (we might have 2), will severely limit the space there. Option 2: place the secondary (small) sink closest to cooktop. This provides room for prepping and cooking. Place main sink in the outer island, which frees up space for 2 people to work easily together. But then again, that limits counter space for family and guests to sit there and may be less esthetically pleasing. Any advice will be welcomed!
  2. We have this size of bathroom - would like 2 sinks, shower, toilet & maybe a soaker tub - does anyone have any ideas on how to lay this out
  3. I may sound dramatic here but this is what truly happened about 4 hours ago. The whole family was in the kitchen . dining area when out-of-nowhere a sound like a car back firing happened in our main floor bathroom, When I turned or more like ran down the hallway I saw glass coming out of the bathroom, and into my daughters room The glass vessel sink closest to the door was shattered in a million pieces. There was enough of a force to damage the walls on the oppisate side of the bathroom and pieces of glass were still wedged in the wall. How can this happen????????? No one was using the bathroom at this time thank goodness as could you imagine if one of our children were brushing their teeth at that time :-0 I don't know how to add the pics I took of the after mass. Please give me some advise as we still have the matching sink still "hooked up, and what other options do I have for above counter sink other then glass now?