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  1. I just bought a hitachi fridge a couple months back and recently the hinges of its inside shelf plastic cover broke off due to an inherent design flaw. While the fridge is under warranty the cover is not covered as it is categorised as an "accessory". I was very frustrated as this was not openly communicated to me before I bought the fridge. And now I have to pay for something that was not badly designed/manufactured, not explicitly communicated to consumers, and no ownership by the principal Hitachi. Utmost disappointing experience from a Japanese big-name manufacturer. Buyers beware. Safe yourself the hassle - shop for other more dependable and customer-centric brands - there are many out there.
  2. Hi Home Owners, I have the unfortunate experience to realize, post renovation, that my kitchen needs a dedicated exhaust system rather than just relying on natural ventilation and floor fans, or a bigger meaner cooker hood. I'm looking for someone to provide & install exhaust fans in false ceilings, ducting under beams and drilling through wall cabinets, using inline fans and T/Y duct joints as necessary. Preferably a one stop shop who can work with false ceiling and cabinets and boxing up new ducts laid. Would appreciate recommendations of any quality vendors. Thanks!
  3. Hi Giraffe: Seems like Adamas no longer honour this prices. They are quoting about $60 and $90 more for the CW822 and CW800 respectively. Did you buy from a sale? Thanks. Busy Bee