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  1. Hi, Selling off my 1.5 year old ceiling Trapezoid pendant light. Purchased from Lightcraft. Trapezoid Pendant Light - Price $80 Original purchase price $342 Photo from external site: Please note that the photo shown here is from an external website. Couldn't find a photo on Lightcraft. The light I'm selling is suspended using a chain and not a fixed rod as shown in the photo above. See actual photo below. Dimensions: 375 x 375mm Material: Metal and Glass Actual photo of light from my home: Self collection at Sengkang West Way. I'm sorry to say I don't have a box at the moment to pack the light so you will most likely have to hand carry it. You're welcome to bring your own box.. Interested parties please sms me at 9-873-8972.. no calls please Thank you
  2. Hello, I'm selling off my 1.5 year old dining table and chair set. We're looking to get a smaller dining set to claim back some floor space in my house. Both the dining table and the 4 dining chairs were purchased from Comfort Furniture If you're willing to purchase the full set, I'm willing to let go of all the pieces for $300 Junko Dining Table Bean - Price $150 Original purchase price - $439 Product photo from website: Dimensions: W1500 x D800 x H730 Color: Black Material: (Table top) MDF, (table legs) Steel Website link: http://www.comfortfurniture.com.sg/products/tables/junko-dining-table/ Photo taken at showroom with dining chair: Plug Dining Chairs (2 black, 2 Avocado Green) - Price $50 per chair Original purchase price $159 per chair Product photo from website: Dimensions: W470 x D400 x H785 Colors: Avocado Green and Black Website link: http://www.comfortfurniture.com.sg/products/chairs/plug/ Photo of dining set in my house Self Collection at Sengkang West Way Interested parties please sms me at 9-873-8972.. no calls please Thank you!!
  3. Hi hi, Selling off my oscillating 12inch iFan air circulator as its taking up too much space in my living.. need to downsize. Fan has been used for slightly under 1 year. Features: - Oscillates and circulates air around the whole room - Built-in ionizer to help clean the air in the room (Good for haze season!) - Comes with remote allowing you to control the fan from the comfort of your chair - Dimensions: 37(w) x 58(h) cm Product details link http://www.ifan.com.sg/ifan/12-floor-fan-whole-room-air-circulator-oscillation Condition: Good Price: $70 (Original price $229) Interested parties please sms/whatsapp me at 98738972.. Thanks!
  4. Hi san20sg, Sorry for the late reply. The sofa has been taken.. but the dining table is still available if you're keen.. Please contact me at the number listed above if you'd like to get the table..
  5. Hi all, I'm upgrading some of the furniture in my home and I'm looking to let go of my existing pieces. Cape Town sofa from LUSH LUSH - Price: $300 Dimensions: W2150*D900*H720mm Purchase date: April 2013 More details at http://www.lush-lush.com/seating/sofa.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=zoom_flypage.tpl&product_id=1835&category_id=85 Kerby dining table from Comfort Design - Price $100 Dimensions: W800 x D800 x H740 Purchase date: May 2013 More details at http://www.comfortfurniture.com.sg/products/tables/dining-tables/kerby-dining-table/ Self collection at Sengkang West Way Interested parties please sms me at 98738972 - no calls please Thanks..
  6. My green lamp has finally found its home.. I've got another lamp like this.. any takers?
  7. Yeah man.. Didn't realize the GSS sale was here.. Popped in to buy cushions and saw the shelf on offer! Dunno if they still have any left.. Pity I don't have enough wall space around the house.. if not definitely would buy 1 more..
  8. My rear speakers are mini slim, the left, right and center are mini large... Here's a pic of how the rear speakers look like.. If you're interested in the sound, you can go down to Audio Iconic to try it out.. my friend has the same speakers set up in his shop and he can demo it to you.. just look for Jeff or Patrick and tell them you saw the setup at my place.. http://audioiconic.com/category/brands/dls/
  9. Hi all, I've updated my signature to include my name and where our place is.. so if you do call up my contractor and he asks who referred you or you want to let him know you want to replicate some of the ideas in our place.. you'll be able to tell him who we are.. --------------------------------- In the meantime.. here's a couple of things I've shopped for for my kitchen since I'm fully intending to break it in once all my cooking utensils arrive.. A good rice cooker is a must.. In my parent's place, rice cookers don't have a very long life span as my mum cooks almost everyday and the rice cookers pretty much DIE after a couple of months to a year.. the only rice cooker that had lasted a LONG LONG time (I think it lived through my upper primary to junior college) was a zojirushi rice cooker.. That is why.. And now.. I'm absolutely getting this cookbook!! Soups, stews, mixed rice, noodles.. its got everything you can possibly cook cooked by a rice cooker!! Anyone seen this cookbook being sold in bookstores here? And with a baby who lives on formula.. an airpot is a must.. but I wanted one that would not stick out like a sore thumb in my kitchen.. and the zojirushi one was the nicest i could find.. Love it! And last but not least.. picked up a ladder shelving for my bedroom from Spotlight.. 60 bucks!!
  10. I went to daiso and bought some clear plastic sheeting to paste over the wall behind the hob.. think that should help a bit And I'm also a bit of a neat freak.. i tend to wipe down my counter tops and wall after every use.. So shouldn't be a problem..
  11. Hi Jaff, His contact can be found in my signature..
  12. The brand is called DLS and its a set of flatbox speakers from sweden. http://dls.se/en/home/prod.html?produkt=en_542 Its good great sound cos the body is made of solid wood.. but of course flatbox speakers sound would lose out to those larger more bulky speakers.. But we wanted aesthetics as well as sound so this was a great compromise.. And yup its a 5.1.. but i've also added an additional pair of speakers to my study room so that created a second zone for my sound system.. so I have a total of 7 speakers + 1 woofer I bought the speakers from audio iconic at adelphi.. shop is owned by a friend of mine.. The AVR is from yamaha.. but its an old model.. donated by my audio fanatic dad..