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  1. So here's our floor plan And just when we thought everything was perfect ...... No it wasn't sadly Our initial plan was to hack away the walls at the balcony to expand the living area. Sadly, after discussion with several contractors, we realized that there's this black little dot right at the corner of the balcony which we aren't suppose to hack ... Grrrrrrrr, we also realized that the water piping comes in from the living room, and runs all the way to the kitchen which mean exposed pipes / boxing up to be done!!!! Thankfully, after all the contractors we met told us that it's not possible to hack away the walls ... Mr optimistic R told us that he would try all ways and means to get that wall done (legally of course, by a PE endorsement) I see some hope finally!!! And so ... our long awaited renovations is finally starting this week! Very sadly or unfortunately, I had to be posted away for work for 3 months, and so the MR is looking closely after our little nest . I shall be back soon to update our progress as well as all our loots from every corner of the world! xoxo, C
  2. My way overdue first entry ... and im finally on the journey to share my renovation experiences We collected our keys a few months back in DEC 2015, but decided to postpone our renovation due to CNY. Sadly due to personal reasons, we had to drop our first contractor/designer just a week before our scheduled start of renovations. YESSSS MADNESSSSS ... so we had no choice but to scurry around trying to get another new contractor to handle our renovations! All in all, we met another 2 contractors before our decision! 1. Mr K (very popular here in Renotalk) - Speaks/messages only Chinese, very quick and fast guy, chop chop curry pok kind. We met him only once at our house to tell him about our ideas and what we wanted, waited for his quote which came in pretty fast like within a week. 2. Mr R (recommended by my colleague) - Replies to messages fast, friendly and easy going to discuss with. Also met him once at our house, and waited for the quote ....... and the final decision we decided on him! We just felt the chemistry and we could click better with him *fingers cross, let's hope everything goes well! xoxo, C
  3. Hello! Could you share with me the contacts of your contractor? And also the link for your brickwall from taobao please?? Thanks you much
  4. Hello! Your reno looks amazing! Could you please pm me the contacts for your contractor please???
  5. Hi there! Could you please pm me you ID/contractor contacts please?
  6. Hi could you please share the contact or shop for the Caesarstone? My email is claypot_ham@hotmail.com Thanks!