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  1. Hello all! All PM sent!
  2. Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in the PMs. Just sent PM to everyone who requested. Just had my housewarming yesterday!
  3. So far, this fridge serve us very well! We love it due to the compartment in the freezing compartment. In fact, I went to my neighbours house. Most of them also using this model!
  4. Hi Cokie, The lights are provided by my contractor, Steven. It's inclusive in the 25k package as well! Hehe.
  5. Hello! I just PM you!
  6. Hello everyone, Sorry for the late reply. Haven't been checking out here lately! I've PM everyone on the contact details! Let me know if I miss you out. Just take note: My contractor, Steven, did mentioned to me that he's cutting down on project due to upcoming Chinese New Year. Good luck everyone! XD
  7. All PM sent! Sorry was busy recently, I will try to repost the photos once I'm free!
  8. Hi highandlow & AhChee, The shop name is: Proelect Electric Sdn Bhd Address: No. 65 & 67, Jalan Rosmerah 2/2, Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru Tel: +60 7-358 2318
  9. Hi, I had PM you already.
  10. Hi, We bought it at RMB1,299 before GST and shipping. This deebot's suction is strong however it's a little noisy. If you don't mind the noise, this is a good buy! We set it on timer when both of us are out at work! There's a promotion for 11/11 promotion for rmb999. This is a very good chance to buy!
  11. For those that took my contractor, Steven's contacts. Just to let you guys know that he had returned from his oversea trip. You can contact him already.
  12. Taobao Loots Part 2 Microwave Rack Dustbin Chair Standing Fan Router Dustbin Tissue Box Mirror Seatee Toilet Roll Holder Blue Bubble Toilet Bowl Brush Hanger Stand Laundry Basket
  13. Taobao Loots Part 1 We did quite abit of Taobao shopping. As my Mandarin is very bad. My wife is the one whom do the liaising with the seller, while I just add them to cart. Digital Peep Hole Camera + Door Bell Wording Figurine Carpet Cushion Cover Deebot Hanging Light Coaster Big Clock Tissue Box Magnets Multi Holder Cloth Water Holder Tray Automatic Dustbin Chopping Board Plastic Board
  14. Hi Alvisliew & lyn2015, I had PM both of you already.
  15. HI khairul, there's error in sending you a PM. Maybe you want to PM me first so I can reply you?