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  1. Hi! Looking forward to reading the rest of your journey! Would you mind PM-ing me the contacts for Contractor Boon and Contractor J&E please?
  2. Hi! I really enjoyed reading your T-blog! It is so well documented and presented. I loved the fact that you rationalized many of the decisions you made. Contractor Boon sounds like a great person to work with as well. Would you PM me his contact please? If possible, could you also give an estimate of how much your renovation cost you? Thank you!
  3. Hi Yakult! Must be exciting to be at the end of your reno journey! Would you mind sharing the contacts of Mr B and also of S** 9 Interior - Mr L please?
  4. Hi wmayeo, Do you mind PM-ing me contractor J&E's contact as well? I'm also hoping to save costs with no ID
  5. Hi Kenoro, Thank you for sharing your reno journey in such an organized and easy to follow manner! I also like the white + wood combination which you went for. Hope you are enjoying your new home! Do you mind PM-ing me the contact for Nick as well as Vincent. I have read so many good things about Nick but cannot find his contact anywhere. If you don't mind, can you also share your reno quotation pls? Thanks!
  6. Wow Clowprince! I read your entire reno journey in one sitting and was left more and more amazed with every update! I loved so many things about your home -- the elevated living room, the book shelves, the DIY walls, the kitchen + kitchen door + breakfast bar, the bomb shelter, the WIW... I hope that it has been equally great living in such a personalized home! I'm probably going to start renovations some time late next year when I collect my keys. I was wondering if you could share 1) Contracter E's contact 2) Curtain + blinds contact 3) Bombshelter rack contact And if you don't mind, also the rough estimate of how much you spent doing up your house (so i can set my expectations accordingly with my budget T__T) Thank you!!
  7. Hi Sunnyshannie, Exciting to see your start of reno! Can you pls share R******z's N*** Contact and the contact of the ID you chose in the end? Thx!
  8. Hi Ryvian, I am also inspired to do away with an ID to save costs! Can you PM me Steven's contact pls? Thx.