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  1. The sink is up and wall support for the sink is up too. We decided to the wall support last minute. therefore additional cost as well.
  2. As mentioned previously, this is my first hiccup. we hacked away to make it lower. Additional money spent. But we got no regrets cause it's really more comfortable.
  3. I had my window grills up in the early stages as recommended by my ID. I would like to recommend Fedrick if anyone would like to get their grills up. His service is really good and price is very reasonable. As his workers came on a weekday to put up the grills, we wasn't around. But my mum was there to supervise and make sure everything is done up well before she passed him the balance. So my hub and I went to take a look on Sat. and we found one scratch. To be honest, I'm not sure if the scratch is caused by Fedrick's workers or the reno workers as my reno is ongoing. I tried my luck and message Fedrick and ask him how? Without any hesitation, he readily agreed to change that panel. He didn't even question me anything. I was impressed with his after sales service.
  4. I bought digital lock for gate. As I wanted to get thumbprint, only Yale has that for gate.
  5. Hi can share with me code of your acrylic panel ? Thanks!
  6. Went to the house and take a look. All the downlights are up. But I realised that there is a gap between the light and ceiling wall. Called the electrician and asked him why. He mentioned that our outer rim is transparent therefore he can't cut the hole too big, that's why there is this gap. Can I check with you peeps who also bought this type of downlight , is it common to have this gap? Appreciate if anyone could advise me ?
  7. I still can't find my ideal bedroom type. Looking for light grey veneer door. Have look around Siong doors and ****. Although recon silver loos very grey in catalogue but in real it's quite dark.
  8. Can I check if painting includes service yard and kitchen?
  9. I decided to reduce the height to 0.9m. I went to take a look yesterday again and felt uncomfortable with the height. Hope the tiler can try his best to smoothen it like it brand new *finger crossed.
  10. Hi can check if you took Hdb original door? And may I know where you bought your doors? Thanks!
  11. Can I check did you overlay your mbr but leave it as it is for common room?
  12. Like everyone mentioned, not all reno is smooth process. We met ours recently. As you can see we decided to build a study room out of the living room. My husband took charge of that and decided to build up to 1.1m to be the same as the kitchen half height. When I went to take a look yesterday, I felt that it was too high. Now we have to incur extra charges to reduce the height from 1.1 to 0.9m. Haizzzz and worst the tiler said that it may not as beautiful as the original one as he built that from scratch.