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  1. Bro, i tot ur id shd work wif the electrician of ur choice, no way shd we let them overcharge, if he can instruct the welmate electrician wat he wants, he shd be able to tell the other electrician wats required as well, btw, how did u nego from 3.9k to 3.2k? Did u reduce amt of work or was discount given for same amt of work? If my id electrician charge mi tis kind of crazy px..i will definitely go source outside
  2. Hihi..do u mind sharing the windows and grilles contact? Any comments on their workmanship?
  3. Would u remember the cutoff date? My application date is 1 Jun 2015
  4. Hi d3n, if get keys in Q3 tis yr not eligible for free cement screed anymore?
  5. How much did it cost u for the bathrm box up with niche? Am tinking of doing similar too
  6. @spooky can share the colour codes for your paint?
  7. @mamit, saw on ur tblog tat u oso did a box up with wall shelves in bathroom, urs oso concealed shower set?
  8. @dietgalvonis a white hob easier to maintain than a black hob? Am deliberating which color to get...