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  1. Selling the 4 chairs below for $80 each (nego if taking more than one). Bought in Feb 2014 and used only for 1 month then decided to change to white dining chairs instead. Condition 9/10. Collect from Tampines. Please sms if keen to nine seven four 3 four 3 six eight.
  2. Hi no, not BN. I used them for about 6 months but in my new wardrobe I cannot use them anymore because they are wide and when i hang my million clothes on them, i lose precious space. as such, i have to resort to the white plastic IKEA ones instead. these wooden ones look really grand but now when i need wardrobe space, cannot use already. it looks as good as new!
  3. heh. it was the unintended outcome but I like it too! thanks. tap is now fixed...but the kraus sink still cannot find the bottle trap
  4. Almost managed to fix my kitchen sink and faucet issues. Managed to find a plumber who can fix my Kohler faucet. But that's not the end of my issues I'm using a Kraus sink and it seems the regular bottle trap cannot fit on the underside. Anyone else using same sink and encountered the same problem?
  5. My uncle is also dealing with fengshui (but he's not chinese - go figure!), he has a shop in JB where he lives. Every few weeks he goes Thailand to get supplies. If he sees my MBR he sure hit the roof ten times. but i won't share the details here because he said sometimes it's not what you do that spoils the balance, but that other people know/talk about it that makes it bad.
  6. But easy to get from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Kraus-Farmhouse-Single-Stainless-Kitchen/dp/B0032BYM2G Or ikea also has it (in porcelain) http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/S49897228/
  7. hi all, does this link help? fellow renotalker posted on how to fix this problem. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/47387-types-of-kitchen-sinks/?p=745729
  8. back in this thread to ask for help. my plumber don't know how to fix my Kohler tap from US. he says the threaded ring metal neck has no room to turn and cannot tighten to the top. anyone with any plumber contact that can help me please? EDIT: My Kohler tap fixed! Anyone has problem with bottle trap for Kraus sink? The size is bigger than usual so my other plumber say cannot use the regular one.
  9. Hi Harriette, Yup! But his plumber is a whole other story!
  10. I have about 50 pieces of the Ikea wooden hangers, selling for $0.20 each or 5 for $1. Collect from Tampines.
  11. I'm beginning to get very annoyed by my contractor's plumber. He's **** Ah Beng, takes no pride in his work (refer here) and when he's presented a problem, he never makes an effort to solve it but always want to the easy way out! I bought this Kohler faucet from Amazon and now he's having problems fixing it. Anyone has recommendations on other plumbers who have installed this before? There's an oval neck (as opposed to a regular round neck) which is preventing it from being wound to the top, I'm sure there is another solution. Sigh. He also has problems fixing my Ikea curtain rail.
  12. My pole system wardrobe in MBR from Closet Design. Product I think is good but the salesperson is terrible, she's doing admin from Mon-Thu and sales Fri-Sun. Design wise I don't think she came onsite to do, but she's the one who drew up the layout. Big mistake as you can see the top shelves are so close to the trunking that you can't keep much items. A lot of wasted space. The sliding doors will come in next week. Living room from few angles: White pendant light is from Chan Huat. I like the reflection of the craft wall through the study room glass. As if both sides also have craft wall!