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  1. Thanks Songz! I'm also looking into air curtains. These are the thoughts so far, Make the room larger Don't build a ceiling to floor closet.and leave the wall open at the top Aircon will be shared between both spaces in the night and there'll also be a fan to circulate the cool air If I use the air curtain, I can leave a bedroom door open at night when the a/c is on and the air curtain can help prevent hot air from coming in.
  2. That's it! the name totally escaped me! Thanks!
  3. TB lights! Please review them if you can. I plan to buy mine from there too. Need to find ways of cutting costs.
  4. I plan to put the cabin size luggage at the top of the closets and leave the larger ones at my mum's place. They really will be rarely used now that everything has to go into renovation!
  5. I love that colour!! Before, when I painted our rooms, I would buy painter's tape, and tape out the edges that I did not want to bleed into. After the paint dried, I peel the tape off. It is A LOT of work though and it killed my shoulders. AND the tape wasn't cheap. Truth be told, only I could tell where I missed. I did not notice your edge as the colour drew my attention first Great job!
  6. This is a great idea! I'm looking into it as I type!
  7. Hi Apple1 and Troublemaker! Thank you for your comments! Much appreciated and I'm going to go back to the drawing board with regards to that space. The original door I was going to make was going to look like this so that it can open at the top.
  8. Yep, it is exactly as it sounds like. I sat down with her and said that she was welcome to share our room space for as long as she wanted. She is sleeping with all three kiddos at the moment. I can't buy a place that has an extra room. The 5 rooms were out of my budget. There was no recess to be bought with this particular unit. Those are justifications for sure. She asked about the room and I said I'll have to thinking about how to make it work because of the lack of ventilation. She'll still be hanging her clothes in our rooms but the storage below the bed would give her some storage space. Still, your point is a valid point and this is why i asked for feedback.
  9. okie dokie, these are all the ramblings I have for now! Taobao cart items will be a topic for another day! Please let me know your thoughts on the designs!
  10. The room that I'm most troubled by is the store room. I would like to convert it into my helper's room but there is no way of adding more ventilation. I can make it cheery but I think air is more important, no?! I ate a little into one room and I'm thinking whether to take some from the master bedroom too. Anyway. I have a couple of thoughts and will ask the contractor if there is any way of filtering air in there. I wanted to add an a/c but are there System 5? And will she be too cold? I would like to construct a platform bed so that the bottom can still be used for storage. Have a farm door so that the top can be opened. A wall fan (but I.m not sure how much help that would be)
  11. For the bathroom, I hope to do something simple like this. But I'll add a solid countertop These are all images I found online and I'm truly grateful for the ideas!
  12. No real plans for the bedrooms except that I'll need built it closets. One room will have an old timey spidey wall while the other will just be based on his favourite colours and a few video game accents. I've already purchased the mural to put on the wall. I'll paint the buildings grey with yellow lights scattered around. Spidey will swing in from the corner. I generally do not like character themes so that's about all they'll get! For the master bedroom, I hope to put wall sconces like this. Already have some in mind from taobao.
  13. I'm also including the look I hope to achieve for the kitchen. Hope to find those lovely blue tiles too! Anybody seen them? Would like to add shelves above the sink/cooktop area to disply pretty crockery. Will not be doing high shelves as I don't want to block the light Also, I plan to build a little something for the washing machine for a more finished look.
  14. For the sliding doors to the kitchen, I hope to do farm doors.