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  1. Finallllllyyyyu reno is over. And today marks the 1st day of moving in. Its so tiring. Parents house, quite trendy isnt it. Excited to share a few of simple reno. Spacious and clean for family gathering and for my parents. Thankful for my id who helped with my own house reno few yrs bck lastly now my parents. Tiring but all worth it Share this happy day happy house tgr with you guys. Thankssss
  2. you wanna try my ID? big, small jobs she also does her best. even if help people clear 'rubbish' cuz ive a friend who got punked by their ID, end up my ID helped them to complete existing job without making use of situation to mark up.
  3. yes yes pls skip yes platform won't be $4000. obvious treating you as a big carrot head to chop. dont be afraid to reject even if friends friends when u find it uncomfortable. too many news report on no license firm or contractors run road or unfinished jobs never a FT ID how to trust his design n coordination skills. not easy to handle 10 over different a sets of suppliers. I am also under going reno works now. I c my ID handling diff sets of people n work scope at once n I know it's not easy feat
  4. hello all! keys collected finally! will be starting reno on 8 July demolition works : ) hooray anyone doing reno at mirage? read the news about the horrible mess dump at our estate
  5. slightly overpriced for most items. yup Jordan is right my Id charge me Iquartz/kompacplus at $110/pfr. hmm yours not even direct from Iquartz. my cabinets is at 130/pfr and my shoe cabinet with open niche at middle is at 285/pfr. all carpentry in solid plywood. your false ceiling includes L-Box? if no then it's quite expensive. mine whole unit plus 3 rooms is $3000. mayb try bargain or reconsider. need know the exact material they r giving u
  6. this ID u talking about should be 3X Innovatixx? I'd say most of items are a bit slightly marked up. as compared to my ID quote. mayb can look add 1-2 more first ?
  7. prob your ID efficiency is low. mine after paid 10% I got my 3D in 1week +- and then a long discussion on amendment & Color choosing another 10 days + pretty average waiting to me. 3 weeks is really taking own sweet time cant wait to start my reno soon good luck to everyone : )
  8. yay collecting keys next tues. anyone ? staying 817A. finally.. a long wait, will be doing defect checking w my ID on wed. anyone need my ID's assistance on defect checking ?
  9. looks okay. but registered ID or contractor ? ytd news showing bad contractors ruining home owners reno. thus I think it's better to engage hdb registered ID/contractors to do up our house, after all it's quite a big sum invested.
  10. very informative forum. I can do researches for weeks n mths before getting to my Reno. thanks everyone for the effort contributing info to share