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  1. Hi Shaguadan I would really be thankful if you could share the contacts of your contractor. Thks.
  2. Dear all, Like to understand if the below quote from my contractor is reasonable. Opinions are welcomed and deeply appreciated. Kitchen cabinet kerb 350 Kitchen cabinet 10ft Top/ 10ft Bottom (A) 2340 1 X 10ft Quartz top 1030 1 X Dish Tray 120 Kitchen cabinet 10ft Bottom B 1020 1 X 10ft Quartz top B 1030 Install sink inlet /outlet 120 Gas heater installation 250 Fridge base 150 Washing Machine base 150 Service Yard window 580 Service Yard Grills 250 3 bedroom + Living room grills 1100 Living room false ceiling 900 Living room TV console and feature wall 10ft 2860 Common Toilet kerb with tiles 180 L Shower screen frameless L shape sliding door 780 Common Toilet Swing and slide door 300 MBR Toilet kerb with tiles 160 MRB shower screen with swing door 580 Dismantle existing basic and dump 50 MRB toilet wall tile touchup 80 MBR top cabinet with mirror and bottom cabinet 6ft 1250 MRR toilet solid top 6ft 420 Install basic in /outlet pipe 100 Swing and slide door 300 Wardrobe 6ft 1690 TV wall 6ft 600 Whole house Paint 1100 L box undercoat 100 5 no of frame @15 each 75 removal of debris 150 whole house wash 150 Thanks for your time...