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  1. Hi! i want to change my front door lockset and oso, my current place, the bedrm doors have a few panels of glass. hwvr, one of the glass panel broke. anyone has lobangs who to call to repair that broken glass panel on the bedrm door, and change the main door lockset? TIA
  2. no.... not this id company.... i have gone thru 6 companies. and out of those 6, the 2 are the cheapest for contractor and id....
  3. Hi peeps, i am getting my new house in Waterway Sundew , any soon to be neighbours around here? Me and my hubby had gone thru the tedious course of sitting down, listening and explaining the same thing over and over again to numerous people. We had finally narrowed down to 2 companies , 1 contractor and 1 ID.... now heres the problem.... i am very poor and stingy... so naturally a contractor is good for me... however, i kinda like the idea of having an ID to do a design of my 1st home.... so yeah.... i am more towards the ID, but my hubby is more to the contractor. sooooo....... everything boils down to $$$... i had listed the 2 shortlisted price, with our requirements.... the pricing goes like this . $aaa/$bbb.... the $aaa is contractor pricing, while $bbb is ID pricing... so here we go ! 1. haulage ......$800 / $1200 2. supply and install floor tiles 730sqft ....$7300 / $8760 3. construct shower kerb in both toilets ....$200 / $300 4. Construct cabinet base 50mm height 11.5ft ...$175 / $230 5. Construct fridge base with tiles cover...... $100 /$150 6. Supply and install sliding window at service balcony .....$550 /$750 7. Supply and install window grilles whole house ......$950 / $1380 8. Supply and install L box **** room and false ceiling at passageway .....$680 / $950 9. Fabricate and install top and bottom kitchen cabinet 11.5ft .....$2645 / $3450 10. Fabricate and install quartz table top with backsplash .....$1265 / $1380 11. Fabricate and install a oven tall tower ......$700 / $900 12. Fabricate and install bottom cabinet 4 ft ......$460 / $600 13. fabricate and install quartz table top with backsplash .... $440 / $480 14. Fabricate and install L shape sliding wardrobe to ceiling with alum. glass door 15ft .......$3975 / $4800 15. Fabricate and install study table with book cabinets on top 12.5ft..... $3125 / $ 3750 16. Fabricate and install bedside table with drawers x2 .... $680 / $800 17. Supply and install veneer door for 3 bedrooms .....$1050 / $1200 18. Supply and install frosted glass door for both toilets ....$1000 / $1300 19. Supply and install shower screen in master bathroom .....$350 / $300 20. Installation of storage heater and bidet spray x2 ......$380 / $300 21. option to supply and overlay master bathroom wall tiles ......$1700 / $2200 22. Labour to install toilet accessories .....$10 per pc / FOC 23. painting for whole house .....$1500 / $1450 24. Acid washing of whole house ....$350 / $480 total : $30375 / $37110 (but ID willing to settle at $35888) now the difference in the pricing is $5513. however, the ID package comes with free space planning, free design to choose from, free 3D rendered drawings with 4 views of my home, plus a free 3 time changing of drawing, and also a free $500 toilet accessories voucher. I was thinking, since the ID is from a quite reputable company, his design should be worth 5k??? 2nd qns, HDB says they are giving out free screeding. but i heard horrible stories about the uneven floor screed. anyone encountered this problem? finally, if HDB gives out free screeding, then will the cost of my floor tiles cost go down? cus now is less material ma.... if lesser, lesser by how much???