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  1. Hi

    Could you share your PE contact with me please?  Thank you so much!

  2. Hi, I read I must sleep in my good directions. However, my good directions means placing my bed along the wall that shares my kitchen and toilet and bedroom door. But if I place my bed on the opposite wall which do not have all these fengshui taboos, I will be sleeping in my bad directions... Any advice??
  3. Please include installation and all pipe costs and GST. Thanks!
  4. Hi, Could you give me a quote for the following? Mitsubishi Elecric Starmex Inverter S4 (9/9/9/24) MXY4A28VA Piping 23 swg Insulation 1/2" armaflex Drain pipe 16mm Daikin Inverter S4 (9/9/9/22) 4MKS80 Piping 23 swg Insulation 1/2" armaflex Drain pipe 16mm Thanks!
  5. Hi Zio,

    Could you share your electrician contact pls?

  6. Hi Zio, can pm me your electrician? thanks!
  7. Hi Yuen Yuen,

    Do you mind sharing Angela's contact?

  8. Hi, can pm me your electrician contact pls? Thanks very much!!!
  9. Anyone know where to get basket swing?
  10. Hi fengshui_123, My master bedroom door is directly facing the other bedroom door. Is it ok if my son occupy this bedroom? Also, I am thinking of doing false ceiling that look like 2 large beams across my sitting room. Is it ok fengshui-wise? Sorry for the digression
  11. Hi, My MBR door faces my bedroom2 door. I heard this is no good. Should I designate bedroom2 for my son or my mom?? Any advice?