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    Hi James, 

    Can you share your carpentry contact

  2. Hi James,

    could you share your contact for PE endorsement? Thanks! :)

  3. Hi could you share your contact for carpentry?  Thanks!

  4. Hi

    Could you share your PE contact with me please?  Thank you so much!

  5. Hi

    Please recommend your PE.




  6. JamesLeongkm

    803A keat hong close

    My renovation done by my contractor
  7. Sino, I have talked to my contractor, you may contact them straight at <email removed> . If you want me to go through your quotes, you can send me through Jieming.yijie@hotmail.com. Happy new year
  8. Yes, it's the new requirement from hdb. Even demolition of non bearing wall in hdb need a PE to endorse. If you need recommendation can pm me
  9. I don't think is good to share the official quote here, but I will list down the items I do. Kitchen Cabinets up down both sides with marble top False ceiling for the whole living room and common areas 3 rooms fully cabinets with study desk and TV features wall in masterbed room Living room TV features wall will cabinets Entrance partition divided in between living room and main door. All lighting and electrical works included Full house painting and replacing the skirting to tiles Both toilet shower screen and cabinets. Total only $25k
  10. My contractor helped me through my hdb renovation loan without even having to commit anything if loan is not approve. But luckily the loan was approved, work started almost immediately. Their services and workmanship is good. Even with all my last min changes and add on, they still able to delivered on time. I am really impressed by their work and I am thankful to have engaged them for my renovation.