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  1. Thanks 3Cube and Hong for your valuable advises...you all have answered my questions perfectly. Thanks for helping out.
  2. Thanks 3Cube. I do have the certificate and warranty and its for 10yrs. My question is ... now that 10yrs has past, is there a need to do another treatment?
  3. Hi all, we have reconstructed our inter-terrace about 9 yrs ago and so far there is no issue with termite infestation. At the point of construction, we have the termite treatment done, and i remember it is valid for ~10yr? or something like that. i cannot remember already; and since we are approaching 10yrs, is it advisable to do another termite treatment for safety sake?
  4. Hi all, this may seems funny .. but about less than 1yr ago we tear down our kitchen cabinet and rebuilt it. All the cabinets are ok, except for this one section where there is a strong "Ginseng" smell coming out when you open it. i have checked there is no molds, and i have tried so many methods (i.e. Baking Soda, charcoal, Dettol spray, fungicide spray) all with no help. Can some kind souls help me out?
  5. Can send me the quote for Fanco FFM6000 with light kit? do you do installation also? Pls advice installation cost also... if you provide.
  6. I am intending to do some renovation work on my mother's ~20yrs 5-room hdb. I will only be requiring to do the following, and will like to know if it make more sense to hire a contractor (if so can someone recommend?) Else, do you think this job is simple enough and i am better off - hiring the individual to get the work done. 1) Change out all the taps and shower heads. 2) Fix leaking ceiling in one toilet 3) Fix up new ceiling lights and fans for all rooms 4) Paintwork for whole house (but i am a little worried about the amount of things to shift and make way for the paintwork) Any suggestions?
  7. Hi folks, we have just bought a small inter terrace land size ~920sqft only. Currently it is in almost orginal 2 storey conditions. We were thinking of building up another storey plus doing an overhaul of the interior. Anybody here who has similar experiences share with me a rough estimate of the cost as well as contractor for this project? Thanks !!