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  1. picture from TB: when installed: spot lights are brand new in box:
  2. We bought extra track lights and rail tracks. but they don't suit our theme. Hence now we have decided and would like to sell these lights. Item bought from TB. 3x rail Track : 3x S$12 = S$ 36 10x spot light : 10 x 18 = 180 please sms to 91919442 if you are interested
  3. Hi tarzanboy, currently we re renting out en the house is vacant, so we can afford to wait till the reno is completed before moving in. Have you purchase the flat yet? Looking for resale or waiting for BTO completion?
  4. Another happy's story was finally we received our 1st taobao lot last Saturday....hahaha, yeahhh!! And since we did not bring any penknife to open the boxes, we dropped by again our place on Sunday, just to open them. Feel like small kids opening the gift boxes, both of us were grinning when opening the boxes, coz we placed order most of the lights from taobao, so we re betting our money on them. If they don't turn out in good shape, we may need to spend another bucks in local shop, hixzz...
  5. Kitchen wall re done with smooth plastering... en service balcony... the cement base for washing machine re completed en done! For our AC, we will maintain the current AC tht previous owner installed since they juz installed it less than 2 years ago. We asked our ID to arrange an AC contractor to assess our AC condition so we may not need to have new one. Also to save cost in our reno budget. The current AC we have in the flat is Mitsubishi inverter 3 system, and luckily the AC guy told us that the cond of them re still as good as now. Only he advised us to do repiping to prevent any leakage in future. As not knowing anything about AC and its leakage, we discussed and went ahead to do repiping. Yet it came with not cheap for repiping and installing the new trunking. But what to do, we expect to stay at least another 10 years at our new flat, so just go ahead with it to secure future's problem. During the hacking and rewiring, the AC guy brought back our AC to their place so at least we don't need to worry of dusts attaching to them. We also requested them to do AC servicing after this reno is completed and before we move in. Here the pic after AC was dismantled from the current place... and the big hole of their trunking...
  6. Common bathroom tiling and new shampoo niche (cost us another $650 to top up for the shampoo niche which initially we thought not necessary to do ) with its floor... Master bathroom looks like.. with its floor... For the master bathroom luckily we don't need to top up to build the shampoo niche, if not another $650 flying out from our pocket. It was caused by the recess area protruding inward in the common bathroom which made it was difficult to have glass screen separating dry en wet area. Yeah, old resale flat always have this issue.... So only then our ID recommended us to have that exp shampoo niche. But after it was done, both of us quite like it and we kept saying that our common bathroom will turn out nicer than our master's. hehehe....
  7. Unbelievable that our ID's workers re working so fast, even there were one of the night when we dropped by our house after work, one of them re still working en plastering the bathroom areas. Though it was 9 pm at that time. My hubby said that he would tell the ID and thanked him for such fast work arrangement. So on the 3rd week, we could expect all the tiling re done, smooth wall around kitchen area, and completed rewiring. How our kitchen entrance looks like.... new skirting and kerbs done on the entrance
  8. Continue frm previous post, our selected tiles with our ID and the tiling on those areas re done! Yeah, not regret of the colour selection!! For common bathroom wall en floor: For Master bathroom wall en floor: For kitchen en service balcony floor tile:
  9. Some updates from 2nd week & 3rd week reno in progress...can't believe that the house was transforming though lots of dusts, rubbishes, messy cables were around when everytime we came to visit. On 2nd week stages... Kitchen entrance was halfway done with building back the wall at the right hand side How the water and gas piping crossed the living room to kitchen... All cornices re gone and wires pending for rewiring...
  10. Let's guess, what is the first stuff that we buy for our new house... Maxcoil mattress, which we got during Expo Exhibition. Initially, we wanted the Slumberland Tempsmart since few times we went expo, it was the only comfy mattress we both like. But, the price was above our budget, almost 3k for the mattress with the bedframe. So we reconsidered and eventually went with Maxcoil which was more reasonable en within our pocket.
  11. Prior to starting of our reno, we made a trip to some tile shops to get a feel en we were intrigued by so many selections of tiles available. We went to Hafary at Paya Lebar, Soon Bee Huat at Changi and Lian Seng Hin at Balestier. We even don't knw which type of tiles to choose for, yet we keep saying to ourselves, the time will come when we will come with our ID to do the selection. It seemed that we have so many preference of colour en pattern attracting us. But, we only have 3 areas to do for tiling, kitchen & 2 bathrooms. These re some tiles that we shortlisted.... and for kitchen...
  12. Few of the Moodboard photos that capture our eyes when we search around for ideas of Resort Style... TV Console.... Altar... My hubby loves this altar design from one of Mr Foo's creation. Kitchen: To be continue to next post for bathrooms...
  13. Yeahh, definitely agree with what u said! We also tried to get some from Tmall and we used Peeka forwarder. Eventually muz do some homework and read the review or feedback from people who have purchased the item. Your house is really nice, OceanEleven! Great work for Mr Foo!