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  1. Our IDs have sent us the 3D design. They look awesome right?!!! though we know that the final result will not look so fancy due to our budget constraint haha #NoMoneyForMosaicTiles #BeingRealistic
  2. The new plan with an additional toilet bowl We propose to HDB that a glass door will be inserted to separate wet and dry areas. Great aesthetic values as we can see through the glass door so the toilet will not look too cramped!!
  3. As we all know, time flies We need to start before the CNY (this year is a good year for my hubby!), so we need to make up our minds quickly. We decided to go with the #1 young IDs because of their enthusiasm and very competitive pricing. They even offered us a 50-50 payment system, ie. 50% at the beginning, and the remaining 50% upon completion. We like that idea! We have heard from some colleagues that their contractors request stage payments – hence when the house is almost ready at 80%-90% completion, the contractor slows down and takes weeks to finish. We certainly do not want to be in that situation
  4. Hmm I really don't know... Must be one of HDB's many rules! I think they are worried that the water will seep through and damage the floor. Maybe even wet the downstairs ceiling
  5. Hi, we are back!! We have many news to share with you guys We’ve got a bad news: HDB does not allow us to create a vanity area connecting to a bedroom. They seemed to be pretty strict with the separation between dry area and wet area. However, the good news is, we CAN ADD ANOTHER TOILET BOWL in the shower toilet (woot woot). This is amazing, since we now can have 2 fully-functioning toilets. Although the space would be really limited, we are happy that we won’t need to queue for the toilet every morning
  6. Hey Jaiyerika, I just used those available here actually... see below!
  7. Thanks so much guys! Also if you have any questions about Home Sweet 3D, I'm more than happy to help
  8. This plan would involve: 1) changing flooring of the whole house except for the living / dinning room; 2) hacking a few walls to connect the dining area to the kitchen to the utility room 3) there will be some beams on the ceiling of the dining area to mimic a covered patio And hopefully we can build a small vanity area to connect to a bedroom, making it more like a master bedroom. Let’s see how much of that could come true By the way, Sweet Home 3D is a really cool tool. It shows the 3D view from the angle of that ‘little person’ icon you see in the 2D floor plan above. Example is the picture below. And hey, Sweet Home 3D is completely free!!
  9. Given a budget limit of 40k, and a long list of what we plan to do, oh well, we just have to be creative . We use a free software called Sweet Home 3D to visualize the various furniture and fixtures arrangements. Trial and error – that’s how we kids learn After a few attempts, we are happy with this version before meeting with ID / contractors.
  10. Hi everyone! My hubby and I are so excited to share with you the journey of our renovation. It may be different from the usual space planning and decorative styles, but who knows if some of these quirky ideas could be useful for you Our home is about showing personalities and being ourselves. We want beach resort feeling with outdoors sittings and palm tree, yet modern and comfortable living room and kitchen. Pretty tough to combine both in a 900sqf HDB ya? Not to mention that our flat is an old model, more than 40 years old. Yes, you heard it right, 43 years old to be exact!! As you guys all know, the pros of an old HDB flat is squarish and relatively good size. The cons is, in our case, the two tiny toilets in the common area – one for WC and one for shower. I’m not sure if you have seen such configuration before. I remember coming across only a handful of threads here with a similar toilet arrangement. Here you go, this is our original floor plan: