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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Renotalk members, desperately looking for opinions on whether the quote that the contractor has give me is competitive. Just want to do a basic upgrade from 2 to 2.5 stories. The contractor seems like a really genuine so I am really keen on him if the price is right. 1 PELINIMARIES a) Q.P. endorsement for A&A submission only (Not include of government department fees). $ 14,000.00 b) Q.P. endorsement for Re-construction submission only (Not include of government department fees). $ 32,000.00 c) Soil test (drill hole at front garden with machinery) $ 3,500.00 d) Safety, noise motoring machine. $ 3,750.00 e) Surveyor (if require) $ 2,000.00 f) Insurance $ 1,300.00 g) Scaffolding $ 3,800.00 2 DEMOLISHING A) Hack existing attic room walls, floor finishing, existing 2nd storey concrete beam b) Dismantle existing false ceiling, part of railing & dispose away (for new staircase) $ 350.00 3 ROOF a) Fabricate & install new 150 x 50 x 5mm thk mild steel RHS (or equivalent) rafter, 50 x 25 x 3mm thk mild steel RHS batten. Install Parsec foil, German roof tile & necessary accessories for new roof works. $ 29,650.00 4 STRUCTURE a) Fabricate & install new attic floor using mild steel RHS support (200 x 100 x 5mm), bondeck sheet, layer of BRC mesh, 100mm concrete slab. $ 36,750.00 b) Fabricate & install new mild steel columns & beam from attic to roof using 100 x 100 x 5mm SHS. (if require to install down to 1st storey, separate quotation will be impose) $ 14,950.00 c) Fabricate & install new mild steel staircase from 2nd storey to new attic using 125 x 50 x 5mm thk RHS for frame, 4mm thk steel plate base. $ 7,220.00 5 BRICKWORKS a) Construct new brick walls for new attic area. $ 6,165.00 6 WALL FINISH a) Cement plaster to new brickwalls for internal & external (use non shrink cement) $ 9,360.00 7 CEILING a) Install 9mm thk gypsum plaster board ceiling for new attic area. $ 2,938.00 b) Make good 2nd storey ceiling due to new works. $ 1,230.00 8 WINDOWS a) Fabricate & install 2 Nos of new aluminium window 2000 x 1200mm for front façade. $ 1,550.00 9 FLOOR FINISH a) Install 20mm thk plywood base for mild steel staircase, installed normal parquet c/w skirting. $ 3,400.00 b) Install 250 x 50 x 12mm thk parquet c/w skirting for new attic area. $ 7,936.50 10 DOOR / DOOR FRAME a) Fabricate & install new nyatoh door & door frame c/w varnish finish. $ 650.00 11 PAINTING a) ICI emulsion painting to internal walls, white emulsion to ceiling & Nippon weatherbond for external walls. $ 2,300.00 12 RAILING a) Fabricate & install new mild steel railing from 2nd storey to new attic area. $ 1,500.00 13 TOILET a) New brick wall,wall & floor tiles, waterproofing, door & door frame, tempered glass shower screen (toilet size 1500 x 1800mm) Install new stach pipe, copper supply pipe & install sanitary wares. $ 9,200.00 14 BOOTER PUMP SYSTEM a) Install 1000 x 1000 x 1000mm PVC fiber tank, 2 Nos of horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, 1 No of pressure vessel tank c/w control panel. Install new incoming copper pipe (25mm) from main meter to new water tank area. Install new 20mm copper pipe outlet to existing 2nd storey toilets & new attic toilet. (1st storey remain unchanged) $ 13,890.00 15 Dismantle existing master & 2 bedrooms wardrobe, re-install after concrete beam been hack, make good external housing corner veneer. Including alter family hall book cupboard door. $ 980.00 16 NEW METER COMPARTMENT a) Construct new concrete footing, brick walls, cement plaster, new aluminium door, PVC pipe sleeve for external (under the drain) and internal (from new compartment to building external wall area) make good damage floor tile. Relocate existing water meter to new compartment area. $ 6,850.00 17 GATE & FENCING a) Fabricate & install new wrought iron swing gate and auto swing motor system. (Malaysian Made) $ 4,890.00 b) Fabricate & install new wrought iron fence to replace existing. $ 950.00 c) Cement plaster existing low wall & column. $ 990.00 18 WOODEN DECK FENCING & CEMENT SCREED a) Dismantle, demolish existing brick wall fence and dispose away. $ 450.00 b) Construct 95 x 95mm wooden column, 100 x 50mm truss and 95 x 28mm desk strip. $ 10,500.00 c) Construct 95 x 20mm, wooden strip fencing. $ 6,400.00 d) Cement screed & base to existing floor. $ 840.00 19 ELECTRICAL WORKS a) Install new teak wood panel for new meter compartment. $ 320.00 b) Install 10mm x 3 main cable + 10mm earth cable from new compartment to new DB area. $ 2,850.00 c) Install new DB c/w 48 ways + earth pit $ 2,930.00 d) Install 10mm x 3 main cable + 10mm earth cable from 1st storey DB to 2nd storey DB $ 2,350.00 e) Install new sub DB c/w 32 ways + earthling. $ 1,750.00 f) Install 3 Nos of cat 6 and 2 Nos of 2 core cable from new compartment to new DB area. $ 950.00 g) Install new RG6 cable from new compartment to new DB area. $ 620.00 h) Install PVC pipe sleeve for open Net cable from new compartment to new DB area. $ 300.00 i) Install lighting conductor aluminium strip c/w 2 Nos of copper earth pit & inspection box. Including PE endorsement $ 3,800.00 j) Install new light point @$60.00 k) Install new 1x13A socket @$80.00 l) Install new 2x13A socket @$90.00 m) Install new telephone point @$100.00 n) Install new LAN point @$100.00 o) Install new SCV point @$105.00 p) Install new 15A heater point @$180.00 q) Install new 15A heater point (2 ways) @$260.00 r) Install new 20A Isolator @$230.00 s) Install new 32A Isolator @$280.00 t) Install light fitting @$12.00 u) Install ceiling fan @$40.00