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  1. I think all owners should be informed of the risks involved when using Invisible Grilles and similar products. If you ask the vendor about safety, they will be honest with you and you will still see people purchasing them.
  2. Replacement roof not an option for us now. Painting it with a coat of solar reflective paint seems to help, the effect is equivalent to those rock wool insulation. Now can chill under the awning during weekends no problem. At the same time I save cost by just coating it on my own. Anyone with polycarbonate roof may consider this option.
  3. Good idea, on top of that, I will place a bottle of hand sanitizer at the door. Keeping hands clean from the moment I step foot at the door. And it is helpful for courier/food delivery man, too!
  4. Clean parts of the kitchen while cooking.
  5. Anything more than 500m will make you break a sweat, that's 6 minutes of walking. My friends considers 1000m distance near to MRT, cause they don't really perspire that much. Sometimes I appreciate the extra 10-15 minutes of walking home from MRT though, keeps me active even if I do not have time for weekly workout.
  6. I have got a Polycarbonate awning that gets super hot during the day, making it impossible to do anything under it for more than 5 minutes. The translucent-plastic-cardboard-looking construction traps heat and at the same time allow a heat from the sun inside. I am testing out a solar reflective paint HeatAX on one half first. Seems too help a lot. Any other ideas other than replacing the Awning?
  7. Hot Sun = Hot Roof/wall Hot Roof/wall = Hot Room Hot Room = Aircon consume more energy = Higher bills Reduce heat entering your home with HeatAX Solar Reflective Coating!
  8. Safe enough for kids, if you have wire gaps less than 4 inch. Safe for pets, if your wire gap is 2 inch or less. (Unless you have a hamster, can confirm squeeze through) Not safe if you have a corridor unit, wires still can be cut! Just my opinion
  9. Thanks for sharing, solid information. I also added Solar Reflective Coating to my house exterior to keep it cool, can reduce air con electricity consumption. HeatAX coating so far best specs.
  10. Mitsubishi starmex. Have used this model twice already. Satisfy my requirements. Few years is easy. Bought from Best Tech and cool world respectively. I also use Solar Reflective paint or Thermal insulation paint on the exterior of my home to reduce heat buildup at home during the day. come home after work to a cooling room. Electric bills also reduce cause I think the aircon dont have to work so hard now. I use HeatAX solar reflective coating fyi
  11. I have both my door and gate installed with that lock model. You can use it for just the door but then you would still need to carry a key with you. So far so good but fingerprint sensor can be quite finicky. Expect to scan 2-3 times to get into the house, and if may not work if your finger is dirty with grime. I would still go with it for the convenience of never worrying whether I misplaced my keys and being able to let people into the house remotely via the passcode (eg parents) if necessary. IIRC I paid 800 or so for installation of both with local warranties. They installed a gate mount and provide a remote control to unlock it.