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  1. Hi everybody, I will be getting my keys soon. After such a long wait ! Will move from the east to the north. Thank you all for your advice and opinions. Next target: working towards getting a house in JB. Cheers, Relako
  2. Friend: So 'Relako', where are you putting up now ? Relako: Wellington .... Friend: Oh, you have emigrated ? Wow, congratulations ! Relako: errr ...... well ....... thank you
  3. Just realised that they have very creative road names in Sembawang. Montreal, Wellington, Canberra ........ definitely beat Nanjing Dong Lu, Huai Hai Lu ......... etc
  4. Hi 'forgotten' I am paying 17K COV. I believe yours will be more expensive since it is just opposite the MRT.
  5. Thank you 'Salavanun' Your inputs have a big bearing on my decision-making.
  6. I am choosing Sembawang because I thot there is a certain charm and quiet in this remotely located estate. I can feel the sea breeze when I am at the ground floor. There is certainly no overcrowding as compared to many other more popular estates like Tampines, Sengkang etc. In terms of price, I can get a 5-roomer compared to a 4-room in Punggol. I am not in it for price appreciation. I just don't want to lose too much money in case of a double-dip recession. Facilities are fine. When I grow old, there is the Khoo Teck Puat hospital at Yishun (a short drive away). Sports Complex at Yishun too. But Yishun flats are too old for me. Sun Complex, Sembawang Mart, SAMS machine, NTUC supermarket, POSB ATMs, parks etc ....... pretty convenient. Sounds like I am justifying my decision ? Haha I know I cannot have the best of everything for the price that I am paying. I put a higher value to peace and quiet above most other things. Hopefully, my upstairs neighbours are quiet too. So one day if I cannot afford a car anymore, I can walk 7 mins to MRT and be a good typical heartlander Singaorean, taking the MRT ......
  7. Hi Thanks for your opinions. I am about to conclude a purchase for a unit at Sembawang. I tried walking thru short-cut, about 7 mins to MRT. Measured the distance from the SLA Map, about 515 metres. The flats just opposite the MRT are really expensive with valuation much higher than the one I am about to buy. COV is much higher too.
  8. Hi Forummers, Can I know your views with regards to this issue ? How many minutes of normal walking to the MRT would you consider it near or far (from MRT) ? Is 7 minutes considered far or near ? Thanks for your contribution.
  9. You are very right with regards to the property taxes, utility bills, etc and freebies from the govt ! I have not considered these points. Thank you so much.
  10. Hi Forummers, Thank you all so much for your views on this issue. How about the age of a flat ? Would you rather choose an old flat (e.g. Bedok - 25 years old) for its location ? I am currently staying in an old flat (Bedok), spalling concrete at the kitchen and toilet ceilings is very serious. Noise transmission from the neighbours above me is quite unbearable sometimes. Have been searching for a flat for a few months now. Seen some 4 rooms (Woodlands) with cracks running across the ceiling but covered up with patty but still obvious enuf. Freaked me out ! I have phobias for old flats.
  11. Thank you so much for sharing. Would you mind telling me how much you spent on it and how you like the finished product ? I am considering using laminate for my rooms. How about the colours ? Did you choose light-coloured laminates or dark ones ? Thanks again.
  12. Hi Has anyone tried the Floor Laminate from IKEA before ? Any good ? How do you deal with rooms that are odd-shaped with these DIY laminate strips ? Thank you for your opinions.
  13. Hi Have been hunting for a HDB resale flat. If you have limited budget and can only afford to pay $370,000 (including COV), will you choose a Punggol 4-rm or a Sembawang 5-rm ? Please give your views. Thanks.