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  1. Hi bro, i read your T blog, can i get the following contact from you?

    1. Air Con (Tim Group Buy) 
    2. Windows and grills
    3. Contact for Qing at Hoe Kee
    4. Your chosen ID
  2. Hi,

    can Shee your ID contact? And also, which company is this - T**** S*** Interior Design?

  3. Hi Fong,

    Mind sharing your ID's contact and company name?


  4. Hi, I am Fong, nice to meet u here.

    Would you mind to share ur ID's contact with me? Also, I cannot view those pics u uploaded. Can I send u my email agrees so that u can forward some of ur renovation pics to me? 


    Thank you

  5. Hi, I am Fong.

    Would you mind to give me ur contact and company name as well?

    Thank you.

  6. done i don't think i will be doing uploading again..it is a very very tedious job..i did message mod..lets see how it goes..
  7. PMed PMed PMed, my quote is around 15000..it all depends on what is your requirements. pretty much most ids are charging roughly same prices unless those high end company. most important is rapport..cheers. PMed, pm if you need have other request. Cheers and good luck everyone.
  8. hello just pm ya, sorry for the delay..yeah it is a amazing tap with no regrets getting it. good luck.