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  1. Nice! how often do you need to charge or change the battery? Does it use normal battery? Quite worried about the lock losing power and you're stuck outside the house. Can you share the installer contact?
  2. Hi bro, i read your T blog, can i get the following contact from you?

    1. Air Con (Tim Group Buy) 
    2. Windows and grills
    3. Contact for Qing at Hoe Kee
    4. Your chosen ID
  3. Hi experts, I will be collecting my Key soon. Thinking of DIY-ing the reno to save cost as we are expecting our baby really soon. Can anyone advise what should be the sequence of reno? 1) HDB defects rectification 2) Electrical (Wiring/additional points) 3) Flooring (All area) + Toilet tiles overlay 4) Piping works + Aircon 5) Service yard window / window grills 6) Painting 7) Carpentry (Wood/Sink/water heater/Hob) + window blinds + Lighting/ceiling fan 8) Assembly DIY furnitures (Washing machine/TV rack/dining table/chairs/bed) Any reviews on using evorich vinyl? Thinking of using it fully for my house except for service yard & toilets.
  4. Thanks for the wonderful & helpful review! I've learnt alot from you. Understand that your reno cost you 31k, can i check roughly how much you spent in total? I'm thinking 50k inclusive all electronic & furniture purchase for 5 room... Not sure doable or not.. Can you pls provide the contacts for: SERVICE YARD WINDOWS - JUN CONTRACTOR BLINDS - U SERVICE GLASS WORKS - AH JIA