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  1. Hi Mr mayflower can share your contractors contact please. Can what app me at 97312256. Thank you. Regards
  2. Should be me liao..I am a poor man and really no money to ask contractor to renovate the house..i need to do all by myself..Daytime I need to work to earn a living and only left with the night then I can start doing some reno work..sorry sorry sorry...I will shut all my windows and doors and make sure no noise escape out from my unit. Sorry again to disturb your peace.
  3. My opposite neighbor who had his keys much earlier than me and did his own reno in Jan. Until today, I still hear screeching machinery sound coming from his unit. It's already mid May and he is still doing his reno. Oh god! I did my reno only end Mar and work finished in Apr and have already moved in 3 days ago. Oh boy..I am sorry to disturb your peace..i will try to speed up the reno progress. my apologise Regards
  4. Hi Dean $2499/- is the promotion price that come with $150/- voucher.. i only pay $299/- deposit. Regards
  5. Hi Can I have uncle Johnny's contact please? Thanks Regards Jason 97312256
  6. Can you pm me your contractor's contact? Thanks!
  7. Jerome thanks and appreciate for arranging your delivery man to send my Hob and hood by today. Thank you very much. Regards Jason (Clementi Ave 1)
  8. ็้้้้้็็็Hi edenstrauss Thanks.. I have meet up with Cheong on site viewing this evening..waiting for quotation thanks again Regards Jason
  9. Hi Can I have Ah Cheong contact number pls. Urgently need to demolish/renovate my kitchen and 2 toilets. pls PM me...thanks Regards Jason