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  1. Hei, sneaky ho get them to check all other parts as well. if needed, just change it. Their labor cost is not cheap. hope to hear good news from you. :-)
  2. my Bosch washer showing code f57..... any idea what is this and how to solve?
  3. anyone have idea what is error code f57? I have having issue now
  4. after repair your machine still not working currently? How much in total eventually you paid for it ? Their customer service still not improving till today, thats sad.
  5. Anyone looking for Chan Brothers travel voucher which can be used for ticket, tour package during natas fair even private sales. let me know. saving of 10%. TQ
  6. try to call their support center. +65 6882 3483 Mondays to Fridays: 9 am - 6 pm Saturdays: 9 am - 1 pm Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays
  7. I have only two LED bulbs having the same problem while the rest working fine, called the light shop to fix my problem as its within one year warranty.. The technician came, change the ballast as well as the light bulb. Accordingly to him, it's ballast problem but he still changed the light bulb for me tot.
  8. I am using the same air con, it's now two years. My situation is same as you, under service contract as well. So far the air con still working fine. My concern is the annual service contract $360, general service never clean the compressor so far. They service guy say can't clean, coz afraid downstair neighbor complaint. Ask me to spray water when it's raining. Is this matter? Just worry.
  9. I consider myself lucky actually, at least save $100 for the absorber ... It is always lucky to have free replacement part and service. Warranty is really important for not so reliable appliances. Still waiting for most member posting, I may not be the only one.
  10. Hi, Palin Do update us your machine status. How much is the extended warranty for your washer? I heard from Best Denki sales, Bosch even gave 10 yrs warranty but unfortunately mine is two years. Like Sneaky-ho said, my unit down two months after paid repair still covered by extended warranty. Yes, the technician came 3days ago and changed absorber, machine work fine. What will be the next fault? Can I trust this washer?
  11. Omg, my washer got problem again.... Why BOSCH..... Haiz, will call the service again
  12. I never know some parts not covered by warranty, pls update us. Good luck !
  13. Recommend to go for extended warranty if going for premium model as the labor cost and spare parts cost are high after warranty coverage. I was told by the technician the water pump plus labor cost $260+. Which they actually did the job for another household before mine. Now my washer is functioning as usual , hope it can last me for some times. My previous washer fisher and paykel at mum in law house still working now, it have been used for 10years without single repair. Switch to Bosch due to strong recommendation by friend. Till I faced my problem , there are other customers facing issue which is worst than mine. I really hope BOSCH will improve their service. Else user might be suffered. Just my two cents.
  14. My less than two years $1499 BOSCH washer broke down, how much $$$ would you be paying for repair? I told the customer service director $800plus quoted. I would rather go buy a new washer in the market...... oh ****.... headpain for spending things which is not worth for the price..... next, will try Miele since its only $300-$400 hundred different and was told their service is very very good. Premium product with premium service. Else will go for samsung, cheap product, low maintainance cost.