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  1. not sure though but I'll probably source ard again for assurance...
  2. you may want to consider Silestone - $160 - $200+.... Using it now, pretty satisfied with it...
  3. Hi TM, Do pm me the plumber contact & price for changing a basin if you've found one.. thank you
  4. Hi, any shop recommendation in JB to get a full leather sofa from?
  5. ha ha kstoh.. nice information sharing on the TV... always like to peep into your blog...
  6. Water should not sip through the joint, @ least not for mine... if not, the whole floor will be wet which defeat the purpose of having a shower screen... Best is to ask yr contractor to come n redo & check again after it's done up...
  7. Can ya post or pm me the price for changing of toilet wash basin? ty
  8. Thanks guys for yr replies... & also SamTheMan: think I saw your 2 years ago reply in a thread regards to different tiers of furniture retailers, pretty helpful to me... Probably drop by this weekend to take a look @ OM as well...
  9. Thanks again to both of ya for the info... prob looking @ a budget of $3k+- see what it is available... going to drop by Lorenzo to take a look @ their furniture as well...
  10. Thanks woodywood, appreciate the info that you've provided. Do you have any reliable shops in mind for me to shop from..?
  11. Hi guys, may I know the difference between a full leather / synthetic leather / half leather sofa? does it mean that full leather is = Italian leather? & over 2 - 3 years, will the above 3 types of leather have a sink spot where seated? or this does not apply to full leather..? Pop by Star Living to take a look @ their sofa, looks quite ok to me... What type of leather does you guys normally use & any recommendations on which shop to get from? thank you.
  12. Nice... looking forward to it~