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  1. Midea is a China brand, but not consider branded brand as "Gree" in China. Midea available in M'sia for single split only, but the Quality so so and not cold enough. In sg has a bigger market for multi split, but do you think they can preformance better than "Fujitsu" this General electric brand as long time ago best in Sg. If you guys consider for midea should consider those brand like Fujitsu also selling much lower price as well
  2. Current model, less an issue, if lock at 8,5A current limitation won't feel cold enought. The new one set as standard for around 5A only, still far away from 8.5A, so can claim it higher capacity and energy saving too. Just take note, usually new batch has a minor an issue, also depend the luck too.
  3. The only way for self check and remove out trunking cover then can tell
  4. Actually ur condition still under coverage on AC leadge, unlike old HDB without AC leadge the whole outdoor unit was expose direct sun too, but still can last around 10 yrs also never getting rusty too. If you too worried it, can ask Aircon contractor come and raise up the condenser leg support to be prevent the water leave on the steel leg for longer time and getting rust as well
  5. Nowadays HDB has offered comes with AC? Your is EC isn't? The AC condenser is weather sealed even spray water or rain is not an issue, but just don't spray water on pipping inlet at left hand side area.
  6. I suggest you can ask someone for do pressure test and before to decide need or not need to change all. Cause some concealed pipes & wire are use better one, then should be not an issue, just need to plug out old sticky gas 1st and turn over to R410a gas.
  7. Same company name, but different division and products, but if you need more info Budget then go with MHI only, if you wanna enjoy more top class then ME will do and last longer for parts. Otherwise just look at others brand
  8. ME stand for Mitsubishi Electric Just don't choice smaller BTU such as 18k BTU for 3 bedroom, I guess from Daikin & MHI had it packaged only, From ME will be package on 3A28VA or 4A28VA & 4A38VA for outdoor total BTU.. 28 meant = 28k BTU. Can refer my personal info too http://www.kimrovacstore.com/home-air-conditional-2015.html The guide for room can refer here http://ahyi.weebly.com/tips--info.html Thanks
  9. We call ME and MHI, both are the Thailand made. But quality wise may ME slighly better than MHI. The outlook can't define, once you remove out the front cover and realize the design will be slighly cheap like china made Go for ME you won't regret lah.
  10. Gas pressure are very important to let those Aircon cooling down. If your Aircon even set to 20-18C still feel like winding, that meant gas shortage. The best cooling from 24C to 25C is a normal Aircon condition, others than that should check gas pressure.
  11. Armaflex class 1 or class 0 still available in market, why too worried? If they used cheap one then more concern about condensation in future as well too
  12. The compressor will on run at 28k btu only, no matter how you turn on to max. From 9k x 2 for each room can feel very sufficient, once turn on another 9k for 3rd room still ok in normal cooling, but once turn on the living room would be insufficient to be made all room to be slower cooling performance until the living room while cooling sometime then for the rest smaller room will feel as normal again. The design for 3 room only. Meant switch on either 3x 9k or 2x 9 + 18k still works as sufficient cooling.
  13. He was solved my friend Aircon recent.. Thumb for him, he did the good job too.